The best acoustic ratio of the HIFI listening room

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Home theater network () for the listening space, the length, width and height ratio is the basis of sound playback quality. The ratio directly affects the room's ROOM MODE (room acoustic mode). This is why rooms are not subject to any acoustic treatment, some listening is not too bad, and some simply can't listen.

The so-called acoustic proportion of the listening space, the average person will get used to the so-called "golden ratio." In fact, the word "gold" here only represents precious and rare, and has nothing to do with the real "golden ratio". Why should the listening space pay attention to the ratio of length, width and height? If the proportion is correct and correct, the standing wave intensity in the acoustic space can be minimized, and at least the low-frequency standing wave interferes with the listening music. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to decorate an undisturbed dedicated sound room, of course, you should pay attention to the length, width and height of the space. The congenital condition is first available, and the adjustment of the day after tomorrow, the effect of the listening space will of course be superior.

What is the ratio of the best golden ratio? If you want to be simple, as long as the length, width and height are not multiples. To put it bluntly, these three values ​​cannot be removed from each other.

If you pay attention to it, you have to carry some simple numbers. These numbers are all calculated by computer. The relevant numbers of low standing wave strength can be remembered in the following three groups:

A: 1.00: 1.14: 1.39;


C.1.00: 1.60:2.33.

The 1.00 of the above three sets of numbers represents the height of the room, and the other two are width and length respectively. From a numerical point of view, you can see that this is a ratio of the space of three different sizes. In the end, you should use that ratio, depending on how much space you have.

In the proportion of the same room height, the larger the space, the greater the spatial sense of replay, the more ideal the replay of the low frequency, and the lower the low frequency. The high frequency cycle is very short, so a room of average size has no effect on high frequency replay. But the low frequency is another matter. The positive and negative wavelengths of 20HZ (week) reach a total of 18 meters! Of course, the length is enough for a single positive wave to receive 20HZ. This also requires a length of 9 meters. But this length is not a straight line measurement, and the sound wave is not a planar waveform that we can use from the gauge display. Moreover, the hemispherical object (unit) is diffused in a hemispherical shape in all directions at a maximum angle. In terms of book theory, a room measuring 3.3 meters high, 5.3 meters wide and 8.6 meters long can have a diagonal length of 27.7 feet, and can also hear ultra low frequencies of 21 to 22 Hz.

From this point of view, the room is very important to the sound. Whether the combination can be fully played is mainly the "house". Although the bigger the room, the better, but the final output power obtained from the market is subject to. "And the volume of this type of high, deep and wide is enough to reproduce a few real senses of the scene with the equipment, no matter the depth of the sound field and the sense of space have a magical feeling. The quieter the room, the response of the output power of the latter stage The easier the performance, the better the sound insulation design is. The scientific acoustic treatment can further improve the effect of “room”, not only improve common problems such as standing wave and sonic interference, but also make it larger than the actual volume. The illusion space, in order to get a more excellent live experience, WeChat: cnhifi.

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