Guangzhou's first green intelligent lighting substation renovation completed

Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau announced on the 14th that the first green intelligent lighting substation of China Southern Power Grid System was put into operation at the 220 kV Luoyong Substation in Guangzhou.

The project replaces the original 965盏 old indoor and outdoor lamps with high-efficiency energy-saving LED lamps specially designed for substations, and adopts intelligent lighting control system based on high-voltage DC centralized power supply to realize lighting data collection, real-time monitoring and intelligent dimming. Advanced features.

The Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau Luoyong Substation is one of the main network substations in Guangzhou. It is the main channel of the Guangzhou urban power grid and an important channel for the power transmission from the west to the east. It is responsible for the power supply tasks in the central and western parts of Guangzhou. Municipal government, provincial and municipal people's congresses, Zhongshan Memorial Hall, Guangzhou Gymnasium, Guangzhou Railway Station and other important users.

Since September 2014, the project team has completed the green transformation of the Luoyong Substation in three months, replacing all the original 70-inch outdoor and 895-inch indoor lamps in the station with energy-efficient LED lamps. An intelligent lighting control system with high-voltage DC centralized power supply.

After the transformation, the average illuminance of each area of ​​the substation increased by 7 times, the lighting power consumption decreased from 163,000 kWh per year to 33,000 kWh, and the lighting power decreased by 61.1%, plus the time-division dimming can be controlled by intelligent control. Energy saving, comprehensive power saving rate of 80%. Calculated by running 10 hours a day, it can save 130,000 kilowatt hours of electricity in one year and reduce electricity costs by about 90,000 yuan per year.

In addition, after the transformation, the life of LED lamps has increased by 5 times, reaching more than 50,000 hours. The failure rate of lighting equipment has dropped from the previous 30% to 0% in 5 months, and the operation and maintenance cost is saved by 16,000 yuan per year.

It is understood that there are currently 300 substations in Guangzhou. If all LED green energy-saving retrofits are implemented, it will bring considerable energy conservation and economic benefits: equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 25,000 tons per year and using less than 10,000 tons of standard coal. Planting 40,000 trees, reducing the lighting cost of 25 million yuan per year for the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau. The Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau has studied the promotion of green smart lighting solutions in new substations and existing substations.

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