New graphene bulbs will be cheaper than LEDs

In many countries, due to the environmental protection, energy saving and long service life of LED bulbs, there are laws to ensure that LED bulbs quickly replace traditional incandescent bulbs.

While incandescent lamps are being gradually replaced by LED bulbs, a new type of graphene bulb is about to bring another innovation to lighting technology, which is expected to be available and sold this year.

The new graphene bulbs are still based on LED technology, which greatly enhances their performance and longevity through the magic of graphene molecules, and is expected to be cheaper than traditional LED bulbs.

The new graphene bulb was developed by the National Graphene Institute of the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. The shape of the bulb is similar to that of a conventional filament. It is coated with a graphene coating on the LED tube. The unique two-dimensional carbon atom arrangement of graphene makes it Very strong strength, the same weight of graphene can be 100 times stronger than steel. The institute said that the project started in March this year and is working on the sale of graphene bulbs, trying to keep the graphene bulbs cheaper than traditional LED bulbs by reducing costs.

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