Micro LEDs can help treat nervous system diseases

On April 17th, scientists at the University of Illinois invented a miniature LED that can easily pass through tiny pinholes.
It has been proved by experiments that this micro LED can effectively perform deep brain stimulation through wireless operation, and has certain curative effect on nervous system diseases such as dyskinesia.
In the experiment, the researchers placed an LED probe into the mouse brain and then stimulated a part of the brain's brain-rewarding neurons by using light pulses. After receiving this LED pulse stimulation, the mice spend more time in the Y-shaped maze, as if they know how to get food rewards in the maze.
John Rogers, one of the experimental leaders, said that this new type of micro LED will effectively improve the treatment of neurological diseases, and it will greatly help medical personnel to accurately embed LED light sources, sensors and other medical components into the brain of patients. If the research is fully successful and popular, this micro-LED medical device will be able to cure a range of neurological diseases including dyskinesia.

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According to the working principle and materials used, the ultrasonic transducer has Piezoelectric Transducer, electrostatic transducer (capacitive transducer), magnetostrictive transducer, electromagnetic acoustic transducer, mechanical transducer and other types [1].


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