Advantech ARK embedded industrial computer application in sewage treatment

I. Project Background

In the sewage treatment monitoring project, the sewage treatment monitoring systems involved, many required unattended equipment or monitoring points, are affected by factors such as the terrain, climate, and monitoring range, and they also require the equipment to have better mobility and expandable connectivity. Equipment and equipment are easy to maintain, so how can the industrial control platform of the performance really meet the application in the sewage treatment system?

Second, the system introduced

What kind of control platform does the monitoring point need to meet system needs?

1. Maintain a simple, stable control platform that can adapt to unattended applications in harsh environments.
2. It is required that the mechanism be compact and easy to install inside the equipment cabinet. The fanless system ensures the stability and high efficiency of the system. At the same time, it can be installed in a narrow space to solve the heat dissipation problem of the machine.
3. Powerful processing capabilities, satisfying the data processing capacity and control, and connecting various monitoring devices and modules.
4. Closed, earthquake resistant and adaptable to the environment.

Third, the system structure

Control System Design (System Hardware Configuration)

The system uses the control of the upper and lower machines. The upper computer adopts industrial PC or industrial-grade ARK embedded industrial computer 3000 series and communicates with the lower computer through 485. The upper computer mainly displays the process flow screen, collects the parameter values ​​of each point in real time, and dynamically displays the actual values ​​on the screen. , Automatically save the value of various points, automatic alarm, statistical printing, statements and so on. The lower machine adopts ARK embedded industrial control machine 5280 plus professional acquisition card to realize the acquisition controller, which is composed of various AI, AO, DI, DO and other card components. The on-site signal passes through the cable and is transmitted to the signal processing card to be processed into a 1~5V DC signal that is convenient for computer processing. After the A/D conversion, it is uploaded to the host computer through 485. The input signal of each loop of the control loop is compared with the given signal downlinked by the upper computer.

System Solution Topology

Advantech ARK series industrial computer features:

Stability: able to work outdoors 24 hours without interruption, the stability of the machine can meet its requirements.

High performance: Rich I/O connection performance and excellent network transmission quality provide performance guarantee.
Anti-jamming: The fanless nature makes outdoor temperature and dust impact on the computer not to be ignored during the season. Advantech's entire machine has undergone rigorous high and low temperature tests, as well as various other interference tests.
Small size: The whole machine only needs a small space, which has a positive influence on the physical volume of the equipment cabinet and the like.

Fourth, system advantages

Compared with traditional monitoring methods, this system realizes the automatic extraction and random extraction of the data on the amount of water and physical and chemical parameters of sewage pollution point, the automatic extraction and monitoring of the operation of sewage treatment equipment, and the alarm under abnormal conditions, and the main sewage discharge. Physical and chemical indicators exceeded the automatic alarm, automatic billing of sewage charges, and data statistics reports were automatically generated. At the same time, the system is low in operating cost, the system is easy to expand, and data interfaces are left. By configuring or changing different sensors and collecting atmospheric parameters and urban noise parameters, the system is also suitable for atmosphere and noise monitoring, and wired MODEM and wireless data transmission radio data. Compared with transmission, this system is more advanced in technology.

Vibration Motor is in the original basis to add a vibrating head, made into a Dc Motor drive with a vibration motor. To produce the shaking force.

6V Dc Vibration Motor is introduced:

6V Dc Vibration Motor volume is generally greater than 15 mm, mainly used in massage chair, massage waist, handheld massager, etc.

Characteristics: small volume, strong vibration;

Features: small size, fast speed, stable performance, low price, can use battery drive,Can change the different materials of the pendulum head
  6V Dc Vibration Motor      6V Dc Vibration Motor
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Operating temperature range:

6V Dc Vibration Motor should be used at a temperature of -10~60℃.

The figures stated in the catalog specifications are based on use at  ordinary room temperature catalog specifications re based on use at ordinary room temperature  (approximately20~25℃.

If a vibration motor is used outside the prescribed temperature range,the grease on the gearhead area will become unable to function normally and the motor will become unable to start.Depending on the temperature conditions ,it may be possible to deal with them by changing the grease of the motor's parts.Please feel free to consult with us about this.

Storage temperature range:

Dc Vibration Motor should be stored ta a temperature of -15~65℃.

In case of storage outside this range,the grease on the gearhead area will become unable to function normally and the motor will become unable to start.

Service life:

The longevity of Dc Vibration Motor is greatly affected by the load conditions , the mode of operation,the environment of use ,etc.Therefore,it is necessary to check the conditions under which the product will actually be used .The following conditions will have a negative effect on longevity.Please consult with us should any of them apply.

●Use with a load that exceeds the rated torque

●Frequent starting

●Momentary reversals of turning direction

●Impact loads

●Long-term continuous operation

●Forced turning using the output shaft

●Use in which the permitted overhang load or the permitted thrust load is exceeded

●A pulse drive ,e.g.,a short break,counter electromotive force,PWM control

●Use of a voltage that is nonstandard as regards the rated voltage

●Use outside the prescribed temperature or relative-humidity range,or in a special environment.

●Please consult with us about these or any other conditions of use that may apply,so that we can be sure that you select the most appropriate model.

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