Appliance market blowing custom wind

Appliance market blowing custom wind As early as last year, Tmall teamed up with home appliance manufacturers to hold custom group buying activities. At that time, it set a record of selling for 13,000 days and selling 83,000 units. After that, there are air-conditioning manufacturers collaborating on group purchase platforms to start custom group purchases. Consumers can freely match the power of air conditioners, appearance of panels, functions, etc., and finally select two models for mass production and complete the group purchase in a short time. Custom Wantai sales miracle.

"'C2B' is 'customer to business', that is, consumers make personalized demands to enterprises, and companies use them to produce products." Li Hua, a senior IT industry commentator, believes that this kind of customization model can enable consumers to obtain similar products with higher quality. Cost-effectiveness, which will aggregate the original scattered but huge number of users, forming a strong purchasing power. The "C2B" model has become an important means of e-commerce differentiation competition. It is taking the "home appliance customization" as a breakthrough point and subverting the traditional "B2C" structure.

The C2B model, which extends to the offline market, has begun to extend below the line. A few days ago, some home appliance manufacturers joined hands in a chain store and launched a home appliance customization war in Tsu City.

“In the 'C2B' mode, the factory directly launched a customized model, the user can book first, after a predetermined number of bookings, the factory to carry out production, thereby subtracting various intermediate costs, the price is greatly reduced. The latest custom models 58-inch new Cloud TV, the price is only 5599 yuan, about 30% lower than the price of similar products." A certain brand color TV in Tianjin, the person in charge, the reason extends to the offline market, more to meet consumer demand, breaking the price war , for traditional channels to win back more popularity. According to relevant sources in Tianjin Suning, stores last year launched smart home customization integration services that integrate Internet transmission, Internet of Things sensing, and smart home appliances. In the future, we will continue to try new business models and tailor products to manufacturers based on the needs of consumers.

Custom home appliances should be cautious. "Customer customization consumption patterns will promote the transformation of the entire industry ecosystem from the traditional one-way 'manufacturing companies - channel - consumers' into a two-way 'consumer - manufacturing companies - channels - consumers'." Wu Hao, secretary-general of the Electrical Appliance Industry Association, said that, however, the service chain of custom home appliances is relatively longer and production standardization is also more difficult to operate. This requires home appliance companies to have excellent manufacturing technology and provide a complete service system. For consumers, choosing a custom home appliance starts from reality. It should not only focus on prices, but it should also pay special attention to whether related services and after-sales services are perfect when customizing.

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