Can be affixed to the wall of the TV! LG CES brings heavy products

On the second day of CES2017, Las Vegas time on January 4th, LG new conference was held as scheduled. We all know that each year CES major manufacturers will bring their most cutting-edge technology and the most representative products to the exhibition. As LG, we seem to be accustomed to enjoying LG's latest OLED TV at the annual CES. This year is no exception. LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W officially unveiled at CES 2017, which will surely be LG's heaviest OLED TV product in 2017.

LG CES2017 brings heavy products
LG's newly released W series OLED TVs have a thickness of only 2.57mm and are designed in a split-body design. Note that this time the thickness is not the thinnest part of the body. The thickness of the W7 OLED TV is 2.57mm, which reminds us of LG's G6 OLED TV. However, unlike the G6, the W7 TV only supports wall-mounted, no design base, which makes the W7 look more like a wallpaper TV. The weight of the new W-series TVs is equally astonishing. It is reported that the 65-inch model has only 17 pounds and the 77-inch model has about 27 pounds.

Split design
At the same time, W7 OLED TV series is based on LG OLED's revolutionary pixel dimming control technology, which can display perfect black without any light leakage, providing unlimited contrast and over one billion color display. The most important point is that the W7 OLED TV series is the world’s first Dolby Atmos-enabled TV. Dolby Atmos puts the audience in the surround sound. The rich sound fills the whole world. The room to produce incredibly complex audio as rich and multi-layered as the real world.

LG's heaviest TV product in 2017-SIGNATURE OLED TV W
The new LG OLED TV is equipped with the latest version 3.5 of the webOS smart TV platform, allowing users to directly access rich HDR video content via the Internet (in cooperation with digital content providers such as Amazon, Netflix and Vudu). Among LG's new OLED TV lineup, it mainly includes five series. These are the 77/65-inch W7 Series, the 77/65-inch G7 Series, the 65/55-inch E7 Series, the 65/55-inch C7 Series, and the 65/55-inch B7 Series. Among them, the B7 and C7 series have stunning ultra-thin design, E7 and G7 series adopt glass design, and the latest W7 series will undoubtedly become the most important product of LG at CES.
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