Weloop Wei Le Now2 smart sports bracelet use evaluation

It took nearly two weeks to wear, and it was about to run out of power. I really like this bracelet, so I tried to overcome lazy cancer and write a little experience to help everyone choose. (all photos were taken with Huawei P9)

Reasons to purchase

Inconvenient office bells? Is it not convenient to take a mobile phone while exercising? Does the alarm clock affect the rest of the rest? If you have the same problems as me, then our needs may be similar. There is a smart bracelet with call reminders, information displays, and timed alarms. In the price range of 200 yuan, this time did not choose millet. Mainly because this generation of millet bracelet can not display the specific content of information.

Appearance Gallery

â–² The packing box is very small, with an unusual pull-out transparent shell. Of course the baby has been taken out of me.

â–² The accessories are simple, charger and data cable. The assembly of the bracelet body and the wristband is the same as that of millet, but it is obviously more firm. Material is also good, comfortable to wear.

â–² Use a touch screen on the front, press or flip the wrist to display the content. Under the lights, you can see that the screen display is only a small strip in the middle. Although it is a bit regrettable, the experience is actually better.

â–² The back of the module is the test heart rate, which is automatically detected every hour by default. You can also temporarily test, the screen will prompt you to keep your wrist still, and with a progress bar, which is better than millet 2.

â–² and millet 1 together, the size is probably the difference between XL and L, the state value of the black screen is satisfactory.

â–² Due to the presence of the test heart rate module, Now2 is obviously thicker, which may affect the wearing experience. Even if your hand is loosely tuned, it cannot be "insensitive" like Xiaomi 1.

â–² The highlight is the information reminder. In principle, the notification bar information of all mobile software can be scrolled on the screen. However, the number of characters is limited, too long information cannot be fully displayed. Emoji cannot be displayed. When information or phone comes, you can set the wristband to vibrate or mute. The bracelet can directly reject the call.

â–² The charger and the line are not integrated. The Micro USB interface is used. The official stated that the standby time is 12 days and can be basically achieved after testing.

â–² Do not remove the main body when charging, thus avoiding repeated wrist removal.

experience feelings


Feature-rich, here to speak with the official picture:

Mobile phone recovery function. This is an obscure little function. The bracelet can make the phone ring. Let me find the phone several times in the book, under the sofa cushions, in the pocket of my pants.

The customer service feedback on the BBS is timely, and we can actively solve the problems for everyone. We are currently waiting for the new version:

★ Disadvantage:

The alarm clock needs to be set separately on the client, and it can only shock 13 times, unable to detect if you are awake. This is much worse than Xiaomi. It is said that later versions will improve.

The client software interface is rough and the beauty is not good. You feel the following:

3. I can't find a link to the forum on the official homepage. This is really silent. I feel that there are several programs in the background.

to sum up

Like all current wristbands, exercise records, sleep monitoring, and heart rate tests are not covered in this article. After the popularity of Xiaomi 1, my novelty about these things has disappeared, and the cold data does not have too much impact on the quality of life. Unicom mobile phone and bracelet, is my biggest demand for such products. Maybe one day, the phone will eventually be replaced by the wrist terminal device!

Finally attach the connection, Jingdong:


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