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The frequency converter is a power control device that converts the power frequency power supply into another frequency by utilizing the on-off function of the power semiconductor device, and can realize soft start, frequency conversion speed regulation, improve operation precision, change power factor, overcurrent/acceleration of the AC asynchronous motor. Overvoltage / overload protection and other functions. However, if the inverter works for a long time, it will generate heat. How to deal with such problems? Is your approach correct?

1. Increase the power of the components of the equipment control system (ie, enlarge the capacity of the components, reduce the heat generation of the heating components, and alleviate the heat dissipation time of the heat source and its own metal box)

Disadvantages: slow heat dissipation, large size, can not install the inverter.

2. Increase the heat dissipation diameter of the metal sealed box, and use a forced air cooling fan to forcibly dissipate the metal sealed box.

Disadvantages: high production cost, difficult maintenance, can not install the inverter.

3. Increase the water channel coil of the metal sealed box to allow the water to carry away the heat of the metal sealed box during the passage of the water channel.

Disadvantages: high production costs, maintenance difficulties, and frequent replacement of large amounts of cooling water.

4. The heat pipe dissipates heat, and the heat-generating component in the metal-sealed box is attached to one end of the heat pipe of the box, and the heat is transferred by the medium in the heat pipe to transfer the heat to the outside of the metal-sealed box.

Disadvantages: Disadvantages: large volume, high production cost, difficult maintenance, high requirements for use environment temperature (must be below 25 °C, generally used under the mine).

The main disadvantage of this main disadvantage is that the thick metal sealed explosion-proof box is used as a medium to exchange the internal heat to the outside, and although the latter exchange uses forced air cooling, forced water cooling, heat pipe medium, but the heat exchange speed is still It is far from the working environment requirements of industrial equipment control systems in the explosion-proof field (slow heat dissipation, easy aging of components, short service life), and the above working principle is only heat dissipation.

Digital Weighing Indicator

Weighing display is an instrument that displays the mass and weighing status of the weighed object in electronic instrument. Weighing display is originally analog indicator type, which consists of error amplifier, reversible motor, Balance Bridge, excitation power supply, Dial, Pointer and other parts, and works according to the principle of automatic balance electronic potentiometer. It has slow weighing speed, single function and low accuracy, and has been basically eliminated now. The current weighing display is digital display.

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