Wavien launches new LED light source with brightness up to 200lm

(DPR) patented projector bulb with 7500 hours of life

Not long ago, light projection technology company Wavien conducted a test on the life of the light source. The projector lamp life using Wavien's patented double parabolic reflector (DPR) technology is more than three times that of other projectors using other light bulb projection technology. A discovery has caused widespread concern in the industry.

At the same time, Wavien's development of LED light source has not stopped, the latest technology allows a single white LED to easily achieve 200 lumens of brightness, and consumes only 50W, suitable for a variety of pico projectors and mini projectors product. The new technology not only increases brightness, but also reduces costs, making it more suitable for the production and sales of LED projectors. The company expects the brightness of next-generation LED systems to exceed 300 lumens.

Portable DJ Booth Display is the irregular display with seamless splicing, which can actualize music and video synchronously. Video DJ Booth Display realizes high brightness, large viewing angle, high resolution and high contrast ratio.

Priva LED DJ Booth Screens are biased towards users with special needs. Currently, they are mainly used in entertainment venues, outdoor media, exhibition halls and other environments.


1.  Light weight , high heat dissipation, low power consumption

2Compatible multi-source input such as DVD ,DVI, VGI 

3. Type of weather conditions:snow & wind loading , humidity, lightning protection 

LED DJ Booth Display

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