Taipei pilots LED signs, people react to polarization

Recently, there have been several LED traffic signs on the roads in Taipei City, located at Zhongxiao East Road and Keelung Road; and Zhongshan North Road and National East Road. The public reacted to this kind of neon-like LED sign, and some people felt that it was too much, but some people felt very beautiful. In the face of this type of LED signage application, what will happen in the future? The Taipei City Office gave the answer to this question.

It is understood that there are two LED traffic signs on the Zhongxiao East Road and Keelung intersection in Taipei City, which are used to indicate the name of the road and the name of the place. Now on Zhongshan North Road and Minzu East Road, there are two more banned signs to mark the two-stage left turn and the left turn stop sign. For this kind of neon-like LED sign, although it does not differ much from the traditional in the daytime, the LED lights in the evening are quite eye-catching.

Hong Jiaheng, head of the Facilities Department of the Taipei City Office, said that the report of the assessment of the Transportation Bureau found that the two poles, some people feel very beautiful, but some people feel that it is too much. The Taipei City Office said that it is still assessing the cost and benefits of the facility, the consumption of electricity, and the cost of such LED traffic signs if the use is implemented on the road name or the prohibition sign. More than 10,000 yuan, NT$200,000, the cost is quite high. Compared with the traditional signboard, the price is more than ten times higher, and the existing four sides are sponsored by the manufacturer. In the short term, it should not be widely promoted. . Now the driver can't see the signs on the road signs. Most of them are because the road signs and signs are located at the reflective spot of the street lights. The location of the facilities will be changed, so that the traffic signs can be clearly visible.

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