Heqing Road (Plan 1st Road - Xingning 2nd Road)

Tender No.: 09GC070056
Tendering Agent: Ningbo Dewei Engineering Cost Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. Owner: Ningbo Urban Infrastructure Construction and Development Company Registration Deadline: 2009-10-23
Area: Zhejiang Industry: Electrical and Electronic Equipment

1. Bidding conditions The Qinghai Road (Planning No. 1 Road - Xingning Second Road) lighting procurement project has been approved by the Ningbo Development and Reform Commission with the development and investment reform [2007] No. 188, the project bidder is Ningbo urban infrastructure Construction and development company, construction funds: self-raised, the project investment ratio is 100%. The project has already had the conditions for open tendering, and the project procurement of the project is now open for public bidding.

2. Project Overview and Bidding Range The lighting procurement project of Heqing Road (Plan 1~ Xingning 2nd Road), planning No.1 Road in the north and Xingning 2nd Road in the south, the scale of the tender is: 134 sets of 12-meter heads-up street lights. 10 sets of 14-meter single-handed double-source street lamps. Delivery time is within 20 calendar days of receipt of end user notification. The scope of the tender is the procurement of road lamps, including technical support during installation and commissioning, (providing the foundation, 5?5???2.5m ground rod, hot-dip galvanized screw, flat pad) and the cargo material warranty period of 12 months Spare parts required. Divided into a section.

3. Bidder qualification requirements
3.1 This tender requires the bidder to have independent legal personality and is the manufacturer of the lighting products.
3.2 This tender does not accept consortium bidding.

4. Acquisition of bidding documents
4.1 Anyone who intends to participate in the bidding, please go from September 28, 2009 to October 10, 2009 (except statutory public holidays, legal holidays), daily from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm, 13:30 pm to 16:00 pm At the time (Beijing time, the same below), hold the original and IC card of the tangible market transaction certificate of Ningbo City, and purchase the bidding documents at the window of No. 5 and No. 6 of the Municipal Public Resource Trading Center.
4.2 The price of each set of bidding documents is 200 yuan, and the tenders will not be returned after being sold. The original bidder does not need to re-purchase the bidding documents.
4.3 Start time of bid application acceptance: 09:00 on October 12, 2009; deadline: 16:00 on October 12, 2009. Venue: Ningbo Public Resource Trading Center (see the announcement column on the day for details of the venue). The tenderee will not accept the application materials for bids that have been submitted beyond the above-mentioned deadlines or have not been submitted to the designated place.
The original bidder needs to resubmit the bid application.
4.4 Information to be provided by the bidder's bid application:
(1) The original identity card of the legal representative or the identity card of the agent and the original power of attorney of the legal representative;
(2) "Application Form for Bids" (in duplicate and with official seal);
(3) Attachment:
a copy of the business license;
Remarks: The above attachments must be provided with originals and photocopies. The format of the "Tender Application Form" can be found in the special terms of the bidding documents.

5. Submission of bid documents
5.1 The deadline for submitting bid documents is 13:30 on October 23, 2009. The location is the Municipal Public Resource Trading Center (13th Floor, Xintiandi International Business, No. 1018 Min'an Road, Jiangdong District, Ningbo).
5.2 The tender documents that are delivered late or not delivered to the designated place will not be accepted by the tenderee.
Tenderer: Ningbo Urban Infrastructure Construction and Development Company Contact: Chen Shushi Telephone Tendering Agent: Ningbo Dewei Engineering Cost Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. Address: 4th Floor, No. 77, Heyi Road, Ningbo, China Contact: Ding Zhejie Telephone Fax

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