Philips Lumileds targets illumination applications with nine new Luxeon Rebel LEDs

USA - Philips Lumileds ( http:// ) expanded its LUXEON (3) Rebel family of LEDs with nine new emitters designed specifically for illumination solutions such as recessed lighting, street lamps and retrofit bulbs.

The new LEDs have been optimized for specific color temperature and color rendering combinations and deliver performance that makes these new emitters uniquely qualified to meet ENERGY STAR (three) requirements and similar programs for a broad range of illumination applications.

The first set of LUXEON Rebel LEDs created specifically for illumination applications is the result of significant research and collaboration with leading lighting companies and designers. The parts provide the flexibility to meet varying illumination application requirements in the highest growth segments.

In outdoor area and street lighting for instance, a warmer light might be specified for a color of the lighting solution requirements for merchandising in stores compared to lighting office requirements Areas or even what's preferred in classrooms.

"We are excited to be able to directly respond to the needs of our customers for LUXEON Rebel in certain combinations of color, CRI and light output that enables them to expand their business in the solid state lighting market," said Steve Barlow, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Philips Lumileds.

"This is only the first set of LUXEON Rebel LEDs we're developing specifically for the illumination market and we plan to continue to develop new products in line with our customers' needs."

The nine new LUXEON Rebel LEDs now available are binned according to ANSI standards and all have minimum specified color rendering. Each of the new LEDs delivers light output and lumen maintenance that enable ENERGY STAR (three) and similar lighting efficiency and performance programs. In addition these emitters deliver The efficacy, lifetime and reliability that all LUXEON Rebel LEDs are renowned for.

"We are committed to deliver the appropriate set of power LEDs with the quality of light, the consistency and reliability that our customers expect from the LUXEON brand," said Steve Barlow. "With literally hundreds of potential applications to be addressed, our white LUXEON Portfolio will continue to expand with a variety of different product configurations and performance characteristics."

The new LUXEON Rebel parts are immediately available from Future Lighting Solutions, , the exclusive global distributor for LUXEON LEDs and a division of Future Electronics.

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