Interview with Li Xuliang, Chairman of Guangdong LED Industry Alliance (Photo)

Due to its excellent quality of energy saving, durability, safety and environmental protection, LED products have been highly concerned by the government, experts and the market. In recent years, Dongguan, the world-famous "manufacturing capital" has also embarked on the road to the development of the LED industry. Not long ago, the Optoelectronic Industry Development Forum held in Dongguan once again sparked discussions about the LED industry's prospects, development bottlenecks and countermeasures. A few days ago, the reporter interviewed Li Xuliang, chairman of the Guangdong LED Industry Alliance, on related topics.

Li Xuliang, Chairman of Guangdong LED Industry Alliance

Reporter: Recently, at the Dongguan Optoelectronic Industry Development Forum, there was another round of discussion about the development status, trends, technology and market issues of the LED industry in Dongguan. As the chairman of the Guangdong LED Industry Alliance, can you talk about your own point of view?

Li Xuliang: Although the Dongguan Optoelectronic Industry Forum is small in scale, it has a distinctive feature, which is to open the door and point to the essence of the problem. In 2008, with the support of the Ministry of Information Industry, the Municipal Government, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and Tsinghua University, we held many high-end forums and seminars on the optoelectronic industry, through many clear and creative discussions. Let the participating LED friends have a clearer and more thorough understanding of the current situation and development trend of the industry, which is conducive to the adjustment and positioning of the enterprise itself.

Reporter: LED lighting products are being popular around the world, and many companies have seen their future broad market development space, so they swarmed. Is this situation much like the situation in which the domestic TV industry was alive 15 years ago?

Li Xuliang: Yes, there is such a phenomenon. Since the packaging and application belong to the downstream of the LED industry chain, the threshold for entry is relatively low. Unlike the upstream LED lighting chip development and production, it is not desirable to enter. In fact, packaging and application are also getting higher and higher: first, you must have the strength, you must have a large capital investment; second, the more you develop, the more technical problems you need to solve, the packaging of semiconductor chips It is more difficult to assemble than a TV set. The status quo is also true, there are more than 200 LED companies in Dongguan alone. However, as the market competition mechanism plays a role, those workshop-style enterprises that have no strength and unclear market positioning will be eliminated.

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