LBT Releases Triac Dimming Solution for LED Fixtures

October 09, 2009 - Light-Based Technologies is pleased to announce the release of their first LB4TM LED Controller application, Triac Dimming for LED Fixtures. This application capitalizes on the capabilities of LBT's proprietary linear mixing system and the biggest need in the general Solid State Lighting (SSL) market, standard wall dimming control.

Triac dimming is crucial to the adoption of SSL for one simple reason: the retrofit market. There are 110 million households in North America and triac dimmers have been the most common light controller installed for over 25 years. In addition, the early compact fluorescent light The bulb can not be controlled with a standard wall dimmer slowing the adoption of energy efficient lamps. To top it all off, in order to meet strict Energy Star requirements, LED fixtures must have dimming capabilities.

The LBT solution stands out as the highest quality and most flexible solution for LED fixture manufacturers available on the market. The solution is also simple and cost-effective to implement. Design LED fixtures with the LB4TM LED Controller inside, screw the fixtures into standard Housings and control brightness to your liking using an existing dimmer. You can have control characterized to mimic traditional incandescent bulbs or customize to a linear or logarithmic function if desired.

Though the retrofit market makes triac dimming important, currently there is a lack of LED control standards going forward. What will home lighting control look like in 10 or 20 years? Triac dimmers serve less wiring than other protocols and have lower hardware emissions than wireless solutions In addition, consumers know how to use dimmers, installers are familiar with their requirements, and companies have invested large amounts of capital around their manufacture. Triacs will be around for years to come.

"The team at LBT is ecstatic to present their solution of triac dimming control for LED fixtures," says Jeanette Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of LBT. "The smooth, seamless control combined with LBT's unique control technology means that our triac dimming solution is very Significant to the industry, our company and consumers."

A typical application circuit using the brand new LB4TM LED controller IC.
Development kits and demonstration units will be available November 2009. For additional information please refer to the datasheet.
About Light-Based Technologies:
Light-Based Technologies has been in operation since 2004. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Light-Based Technologies has focused its efforts on the research and development of unique control solutions for the Solid State Lighting industry. With the upcoming release of its second family of Integrated circuits, the LB4CMs, Light-Based Technologies is dedicated to fine-tuning complementary technologies that take advantage of the simplicity and power of its core control technology.

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