New Audi A5 Coupe preview image exposure: with matrix LED headlights

A few days ago, Audi officially released a preview of the front headlights of the new generation Audi A5. The new car uses a full- LED light source design. The car will be officially released on June 2nd in Ingolstadt, Audi's German headquarters.

Judging from the preview of the exposure, the new car uses Audi's matrix-type full- LED headlights . The internal lamp set is similar to Audi's new R8, but the overall shape is more dynamic.

In addition, Audi revealed that the body resistance coefficient of the new Audi A5 is only 0.29, and thanks to the application of the MLBEvo platform, its weight is reduced compared to the old models. In addition, the car will also be equipped with an adaptive suspension system.

From the previously exposed interior detail map, the new Audi A5 also features a large full-size LCD instrument panel with a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel. In terms of powertrain, the car is expected to be equipped with different 2.0T engines and 3.0T engines.

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