Is the robot going to write the script and the film industry is going to change?

Recently, " robot " seems to be omnipotent: "Alpha Dog" Go game defeated Li Shishi, Bloomberg, the Associated Press began to use robots to write some news reports. On May 5th, it was reported that the "College Entrance Examination Robot" led by the National 863 "Super Brain Project" will participate in the 2017 College Entrance Examination. Its goal is to exceed the key undergraduate scores.

The film and television circle is also madly passing. The film and television companies have used their own software to guide and evaluate the script creation. "The robot started to write the script." Despite this, the writers in the industry do not think that their creative work will be replaced because the robot has no lively emotions.


The robot writes the script quietly

The statement that "robot writes the script" originated from a forum called "original and IP-related fried too urgent". Xu Yuanxiang, vice president of Ali Pictures, said that Ali Pictures will no longer ask professional screenwriters in the future, but " IP's post bar and the author of the fiction novel PK "write the story. When this statement came out, it caused many writers to swear. Later, it was reported that Ali's scriptwriter robot has launched a beta version, which takes only 30 minutes to create a complete movie script.

Xu Yuanxiang said that this is a misunderstanding. He is a screenwriter and knows the importance of the script, but it still leads to many discussions on scriptwriting, IP and film.

Our reporter subsequently confirmed that the "Alibaba robot wrote a movie script for 30 minutes" widely spread in the WeChat circle was a fake news. But in fact, many film and television companies in the industry have used their own software to guide and evaluate script creation. "What viewers like to see and in which direction, the data owned by the computer is powerful, and the script can be modified." The film and television drama company scriptwriter told the reporter, "For each producer, the script for the robot is still quietly carried out, not too arrogant. After all, a good script depends on a professional screenwriter, clearly saying that writing with a robot will offend the profession. screenwriter."


Robots have no live feelings

Although the "robot writing script" was not publicized, it still caused a strong opposition from the writer circle. Our reporter interviewed five screenwriters at random, and three of them responded with a very clear attitude. “The robot writing script is a noisy and not worth refuting.”

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