How does Intel get the iPhone7 half baseband chip Qualcomm?

Intel (Intel) in the mobile device market sent a good news, Intel 4G LTE modem (Modem) chip has been pushed into Apple's (Apple) is expected to release the new iPhone supply chain in September, and Intel took 50% of the order , far above the industry expectations. The semiconductor industry revealed that Intel's chip foundry will be handed over to TSMC, and the package will be handled by Intel itself. The test case will be won by KYEC. However, the relevant industry has not confirmed the order message.

The semiconductor industry said that Intel is in the doldrums in the global mobile device market. The processor chip is hard to attack the powerful army of ARM. Intel is even forced to lay off 12,000 people, accounting for 10% of the global employees. However, Intel has heard from the Modem chip. In the news, Intel won the order of about 50% of Apple's new iPhone, far exceeding the industry's original expectations of 30% of orders.

In fact, Qualcomm has revealed that important customer orders will be lost, and the industry believes it should be an Apple order. The semiconductor industry pointed out that Intel Mobile CommunicaTIons GmbH (IMC), a subsidiary of Intel's mobile phone chip business, directly placed orders for Taiwanese foundry and testers. IMC was Intel's acquisition of Infineon in 2011. After the mobile phone chip division, the 100% shareholding company was established.

Intel's modem chip has received more orders from Apple's new iPhone than expected. Except for foundry, TSMC, and the package is handled by Intel. It is worth noting that the test order was won by KYEC. Highly eye-catching.

Due to the slowdown in the growth of the global smartphone market, Taiwan's semiconductor packaging and testing plants were also affected. ASE was cut into the Apple iPhone and other product supply chains in system-in-package (SiP). In the first half of 2016, iPhone sales were not affected as expected. ASE has admitted that the system-level packaging business revenue will experience a seasonal recession.

In contrast, the recent performance of counterfeit products and KYEC is relatively stable. According to counterfeit products, smartphones are still the mainstay of the consumer electronics market. They are also important terminal applications for IC packaging and testing. In the first half of 2016, the Android camp mobile phone industry performed well. As Apple released the new iPhone in September, it is expected to drive 2016. The second half of the market buys gas.

As for KYEC, it has successively won important orders from customers on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and the US Department. It is relatively optimistic about its operational performance in 2016. At present, KYEC focuses on testing business, and its customer layout is quite extensive, including Haisi, an IC design company under the China Huawei Group. Taiwan IC design leader MediaTek is the main customer. However, for the Intel Modem chip test order, KYEC's speech system does not comment.

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