Millet box new play remote control plasma TV switch machine

This tutorial is suitable for young people who are at home with nothing to do with silk and ingenuity. If the TV in the home is a plasma screen classmate, you should also take a look. This tutorial is tailored for plasma TVs using the millet box switch.

Plasma TVs have the incomparable color transparency of LCD TVs, high-speed motion images without the advantages of smearing, etc., but plasma TVs also have drawbacks, that is, long-time still images, there will be "burn screen" phenomenon.

When using the millet box to standby, if the TV does not turn off the power, it will be in the standby state for a long time, it will "burn screen", lazy people have a lazy way, please see the following modification, after using the millet remote control to open the millet box , The TV also turns on with it. Use millet remote control to close the millet box and turn off the power directly after two minutes.

The power strip has four groups of outlets. Only the last group is connected in series to a relay and inserted into the power cable of the TV. The relay coil uses USB to insert the OGT port behind the millet box.

With the start of the boot from the software, so that some of the traditional TV have, and there is no traditional TV.

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