LED Bulb Selection Guide: How to choose a healthy LED light

In recent years, as people's awareness of health lighting has increased, more and more people have begun to pay attention to and purchase healthy LED lights. However, in the face of the variety of LED lights on the market, how to choose, how to choose has become a headache for many consumers. Today, Xiao Bian teaches you how to choose a healthy LED light from several aspects to provide reference for future purchase of LED lights.

1 look at the lamp beads
The lamp bead is the core component of the LED lamp. Different types of lamps and different quality lamps have different luminous efficiency and illumination angle. Most of the lamps on the market today are single crystal beads, that is, only one crystal. The performance of the twin crystal lamp bead is better than that of the single crystal lamp bead, and the life is longer than that of the single crystal lamp bead. Compared to the three bulbs in the figure below, the snowlet bulbs have twin crystal beads, so the same luminous flux is smaller. The same luminous flux, the number of lamp beads required for the use of twin crystal beads is significantly less than the number of single crystal beads, which is more conducive to the optimization of the size of the lamp body;

Therefore, when purchasing, you can consult the lamp beads of the guide's bulb, try to choose the twin crystal lamp beads, not only the long service life, but also the luminous efficiency, the illumination angle is relatively high, and the use occasion is also wider.

2 see brightness
When purchasing LED lights, many consumers mistakenly think that the higher the brightness, the better the light bulb. In fact, this is a big mistake. Because the bright light is like the glare of the sun at noon, it not only damages vision, but also affects physical and mental health. It is especially prone to cause children's solitude, irritability and irritability. Therefore, when selecting a luminaire, it is necessary to combine the lighting environment, reference the luminous flux index of the product, or pay attention to the brightness of the light, and try to choose a luminaire with sufficient brightness but no glare.

3 look at color

Look at the color rendering index is to see the real color of the object under the light. The high degree of realism of the object is better. For example, in the comparison of the two figures below, the picture on the left is very real, and the picture on the right is obviously severely distorted.

Everyone can put a colored object on the hand to do the experiment under the light bulb, and from a more professional angle, you can use the color rendering index to purchase. Generally, the color rendering index of the lamp is better than 80. The higher the color rendering index, the light. The lower the degree of object reduction.

4 look at the heat sink material
Since the heat is generated during the lighting of the bulb, the bulb must have good heat dissipation. The heat dissipation material of the bulb is the best, followed by the plastic aluminum and the plastic again. When purchasing, it is best to choose a ceramic material bulb. The plastic material should not be considered as much as possible to reduce the probability of danger. The snowlet bulb using the patented ceramic heat dissipation technology is a combination of ceramic material and heat-dissipating aluminum plate, and the effective contact area between the light source PCB and the heat sink body is tight, which is beneficial to the conduction of hot gas.

5 look at the light bubble shell
Lamp bubble shell is commonly known as the lampshade of the bulb. This part of the material largely affects the light transmittance, glare, and light and shadow of the lamp. At present, LED ball bubble shells on the market are generally made of PC and glass. Among them, glass has the highest light transmittance, better light transmission performance, better uniform light shape, and can reduce glare and spot, but the disadvantages It is more fragile.

Most other bulbs use PC materials, and the light transmittance is slightly weaker, while the inferior PC cover is prone to aging and yellowing after long-term use.

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