How to create a comfortable bedroom lighting environment?

The bedroom is where people rest and sleep. Most people often read and study in the bedroom and use the bedroom as a study. Therefore, the interior should create a quiet, soft and peaceful lighting effect. Of course, we must first ensure the convenience and safety of living.
In this case, the bedroom does not require a lot of lights and does not require strong light. Indirect lighting and diffusion should be the mainstay.
If you don't want to use your brains, the most common and simplest thing is to use concentrated lighting. If the height of the ceiling is more than 3 meters, you can choose a beautiful chandelier that expresses your own style, to achieve basic lighting and also increase the spatial point of view, but the height of the floor from the bottom of the lamp should not be less than 2.5 meters. If the ceiling is lower than 2.8 meters, you have to choose a ceiling lamp with a height of no more than 0.25 meters.
It must be noted that when installing the decorative chandelier indoors, it should not be placed directly above the bed, so that it is close to the end of the bed or the top of the bed. See below:
1 bedroom implementation of partition lighting
In order to create a warm lighting effect, if possible, it is recommended to implement partition lighting for the bedroom because:
First, the light is more layered;
Second, make good use of the efficiency of the lighting source, the bright place must be bright enough.
For an example, this is a standard bedroom space with a ceiling height of 2.8 meters. We use integrated lighting to illuminate the lights. Below are the lighting planning rules:
1) The bright light, the dark dark.
2) Partition lighting the interior to form a lighting level.
3) Need to have enough lighting, living lighting is preferred.
4) Do not appear large dark areas or light dead ends.
5) Inside the window, the façade of the wardrobe, and the bedside is best equipped with spotlights.
2 lighting planning instructions
Figure: Lighting plan description
3 lighting simulation renderings
Figure: Rendering of the simulation based on the lighting plan
Look at another large space bedroom with a ceiling height of 2.8 meters. In addition to the bedroom, there is a separate cloakroom and a semi-detached study, as well as a comprehensive lighting, following the same lighting rules.
4 lighting5. Effect chart
Figure: Rendering of the simulation based on the lighting plan
to sum up:
Although the size of the two spaces is different, the lighting purpose and solution are basically the same, and have the following characteristics:
1) Use light source: 20W halogen lamp, lamp lumen is about 300lm, color temperature is 3000K, color rendering property is Ra=100, which is equivalent to 5-7W, 2700K-3500K of LED lamps;
2) Luminaire: anti-glare spotlight or downlight, the beam angle of the spotlight is 24° for the medium beam and 36° for the wide beam;
3) The ceiling position of the room can be used as an energy-saving downlight or LED downlight of 5-7W equivalent to 300lm-400lm;
4) Main position of the lamp arrangement: inside the window, near the facade of the wardrobe;
5) Control switch: The bedside lamp is independently controlled. The entrance channel spotlights or downlights are independently controlled, the wall lights are independently controlled, the ceiling spotlights are recommended to be dimmable, and the low-light nighttime nightlights are independently controlled.
Lamp selection
The standard for good lighting is to choose the pair of lamps to illuminate the part you need to illuminate. For fixed luminaires, there are several principles to choose from:
1) Mainly embedded lamps;
2) The lamp should be miniaturized and the height of the lamp should be controlled (usually the ceiling height of the room is limited);
3) Control glare;
4) Select the adjustable direction according to the needs, or have waterproof function lamps, or surface mounted spotlights or track spotlights.
6 lamps
In this case, if you use LED lamps, you can choose according to the following rules:
7LED lamps
In addition, the lighting design of the bedroom needs attention:
Bedside reading lighting precautions and methods:
1) Many of us have the habit of reading in bed, so we need enough light without affecting others' rest. Active LED bedside reading lights or bedside wall lights are the best choice. This kind of light can be controlled and the angle of light is controllable, which has little effect on the people next to you.
2) Next is the bedside table lamp. The bedside table lamp not only makes the lighting more layered and more effective, but also makes the space more colorful, and it is also the most practical lighting.
3) Some people like to read light directly. Although the ceiling-mounted ceiling spotlight provides direct illumination for reading, its installation position needs to be very precise.
4) Some designers like to use bedside decorative lights in order to increase the attraction of space or enhance the vitality of space. This is not the best choice for reading lighting.
5) The last point is that the bedside reading light should be handy.
Light arrangement in the cloakroom:
1) Embedded downlights, used to illuminate the door of the closet, and visually expand the effect of the space, and see the inside of the closet. For larger spaces, the use of decorative chandeliers can be a visual focus.
2) In order to allow people to see the inside of the wardrobe, the lights can be installed in the closet and inductive control is used. The light will automatically turn on when the door is open, and the light will automatically turn off when the door is closed.
3) Mirror lighting in the cloakroom. In principle, the back light is used, and the adjustable spotlight on the top is used to bring a soft atmosphere to the space.
Large space bedroom:
Decorative lights can be arranged. The decorative lights should not be installed directly above the bed, close to the end of the bed or the end of the bed. The ceiling with a slope should have illumination to illuminate the building structure.
Special lighting requirements for the elderly and children's bedrooms:
For these two specific groups of people, the corresponding lighting standards and lighting options and even control methods are quite different.
See the following article for details (A fool series - home lighting series for the elderly and children's bedroom lighting)
Ten notes for bedroom lights are arranged:
1. Partition lighting the interior to form a lighting level.
2, need to have enough lighting, living lighting is preferred.
3, do not appear large dark areas or light dead ends.
4. Reduce the reading light of the embedded direct illumination.
5, choose a larger bedside table lamp, can bring better lighting effects, especially when there is only a desk lamp in the space. Note that the bedside table lamp should use the on-board switch instead of using the on-line switch.
6. Arrange one or two night lights to guide you to the bathroom at night.
7. Pay attention to the circuit control arrangement to ensure convenient control of the bedside table lamp.
8, use the wardrobe as much as possible.
9. When installing the decorative chandelier indoors, it should not be installed directly above the bed, so that it is close to the end of the bed or the top of the bed.
10. Lighting for the elderly and children's bedrooms has special requirements.

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