What is Apple Car? Don't say you, even Apple doesn't know it.

If Apple's letter to the federal government's auto industry regulator can explain anything, it only shows that Apple has not given up its "car dream."

However, this is not a smooth road. Every step forward is extremely difficult and dangerous.

Although Apple changed its strategy a few months ago, announcing that the company is not planning to develop and manufacture a complete vehicle and is ready to focus on developing an automated driving system, this does not mean that Apple has decided to abandon its automotive business. From this letter, Apple is not satisfied with Apple Car.

We have reason to believe that Apple is still very interested in automotive products, and it may penetrate the automotive field for the foreseeable future. Apple's interest in automotive products means it will invest heavily, recruit talent and test new ideas. At the same time, it has not found a suitable entry point.

Entering a new field requires years of investment, exploration and adjustment. Apple is clearly at this stage, but the results are not yet certain.

Even so, the following things can be determined:

· Apple needs "the next important product." Its next important product is not necessarily Apple Car, but it must have such a product. It's good to continue to develop next-generation products for mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers, but for Apple to continue to increase its market capitalization and gain a large share of important markets, it must develop new and more epoch-making products.

· Apple must decide as soon as possible whether the car is going in the next step, and it can't hesitate any more.

· Although this is a long process, many companies that are determined to develop future cars have begun to invest heavily, form alliances, and propose their own plans and ideas. Moreover, it is also important for recruiting and retaining top talent in the automotive industry. These people want to ensure that their efforts are not in vain, and that their sweat and effort will become real products.

· Apple's entry into the automotive industry will certainly pose a threat to other companies, but this is actually a good thing, because it can make the entire industry grow faster.

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