Infineon brings 200W outdoor digital adjustable LED power supply and other products to the 2013 High-tech LED Lighting Exhibition

[Text / high-tech LED reporter Zhao Hui] November 25-27, in the 2013 third high-tech LED lighting exhibition successfully held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center, the driving power "technical control" Infineon to carry 200W outdoor digital Adjustable LED power supply, 150W outdoor compact design LED power supply, 60W indoor constant power digital adjustable LED power supply, 42W indoor maximum output current can set LED power supply and other products grand debut, attracting the attention of a large number of lighting enterprise procurement personnel.

Infineon was established in September 2007. At present, its main products include indoor power supply, outdoor power supply, intelligent controller and other products. From the perspective of the power of the product, it fully meets the driving power products of different voltage levels in the world, and fully covers the driving power required for LED lighting fixtures in the 0-300W power range.

Indirect Marketing Planning Director Mao Zhaoyu introduced that Infinex's indoor power supply line includes indoor applications such as strip lights, downlights, panel lights, and industrial and mining lights. Most products have passed UL, CE, CQC, TUV, PSE, FCC and other safety certifications, and have 0-10V dimming function, fully able to meet the intelligent control applications of indoor lighting, in addition to accept customers Customized on demand.

It was carried out on the evening of November 26. 2013 High-tech Golden Globe Awards - Annual LED Good Product Selection - In the outdoor power supply PK, Infineon Electronics finally won the Golden Globe Award.

Constantly improving the quality of power supply, providing quality and cheap price-performance products is the key to driving power companies to win the market. "LED drive power is the core component of the luminaire. Its quality directly affects the quality of the LED luminaire. We advocate good products, distinctive products, and fine products to win the market with products." Mao said.

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