Are you still worried about lamp maintenance? 8 strokes make your home lamps still as new!

Lamps are an indispensable item for every household, but most people don't understand the daily maintenance and maintenance. Xiao Bian has the following lighting maintenance knowledge collected online, I hope you can help you.

1. Keep the manuals and related accessories of the lighting products properly.

The luminaire must be used at a predetermined voltage and frequency. Turn off the power switch or disconnect the power before cleaning and maintenance.

2, can not wipe freely


Although the surface of the luminaire is coated with multiple layers of paint and protective lacquer, it does not mean that it can be wiped at will. In order to make your luminaire surface last longer, we recommend that you use a feather duster to remove dust as much as possible, or Use a professional dusting soft brush to gently brush the ash on the surface of the lamp. Of course, a dry cotton cloth with a soft texture can also be used.

3. All grounded lamps must be checked for grounding frequently.

Safety lighting fixtures should be regularly inspected to ensure that no abnormalities occur. The power must be turned off when changing lights, removing covers and fuses.

4, moisture proof and waterproof is the key to lamp maintenance

Do not use a wet rag to wipe the luminaire, especially the light source and pipeline parts, to prevent conduction, short circuit, or premature rust, paint fading, etc. Use a warm water to scrub or wring the cloth soaked in soapy water to scrub the lamps. Scrub the volatile oil, etc., and the dust behind the lamp should be cleaned with a dry cloth or tweezers.

5, pay attention to safety hazards during use and maintenance

Do not place objects such as paper and cloth near the illuminator or cover the illuminator. Do not change the structure of the luminaire or replace the parts of the luminaire when cleaning.

6. Taboos for repairing lighting fixtures


It is not allowed to repair the lamps in places where there are dangerous substances such as gas or steam, but should be carried out in general places; when it is necessary, it is necessary to ensure safe operation. Use a warm water to scrub or wring the cloth soaked in soapy water to scrub the lamp. Do not scrub with gasoline or volatile oil.

7, crystal lamp maintenance

The crystal pendant can be removed for cleaning. After it is completely air-dried, it can be re-attached, but it should be noted that the hook part of the connection should be protected from water as much as possible to prevent rust. Also note the connection hooks are secure after disassembly.

8, the use of lamps abnormalities

When an abnormality occurs during the use of the luminaire, stop using it, cut off the power supply, and check.

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