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DC-DC module power supplies are increasingly used in communications, industrial automation, power control, rail transit, mining, military and other industries. The modular design simplifies the customer's circuit design and improves system reliability and maintenance efficiency. So, how to improve the reliability of the power system based on DC-DC module? This article makes a brief analysis and discussion on this topic.

Why do I need a DC-DC module power supply?

The DC-DC isolation module power supply is mainly used in distributed power systems to isolate and reduce noise, voltage conversion, voltage regulation and protection functions. The role of the DC-DC isolation module power supply is as follows:

First, the module power supply adopts an isolated design, which can effectively isolate the influence of common mode interference from the primary side equipment on the system, so that the load can work stably.

Second, different loads require different supply voltages. For example, the control IC needs 5V, 3.3V, 1.8V, etc.; the op amp for signal acquisition requires ±15V; the relay requires 12V, 24V; and the bus voltage is 24V. Therefore, voltage conversion is required.

Third, the bus voltage will have line loss during long-distance transmission. Therefore, the voltage is lower when the PCB board is level, and the load needs a stable voltage. Therefore, a wide-voltage input and a regulated output are required.

Fourth, the power supply needs to protect the load of the system and itself from being abnormal under abnormal conditions.

How to choose a high reliability DC-DC module power supply

Adopt mature power topology

The power module is designed to use a proven power topology. For example, a 1W to 2W constant voltage input DC-DC power supply module selects the Royer circuit, while a wide voltage input series selects a Flyback topology, and a partial selection of a Forward topology.

High efficiency over the full load range

High efficiency means lower power loss and lower temperature rise, which can effectively improve reliability. In practical applications, the power supply will choose a certain degree of derating design, especially in today's increasingly low power consumption of the load IC, most of the time the power supply may work under light load conditions. Therefore, high efficiency over the full load range is a critical parameter for power system reliability, but is often overlooked by power supply manufacturers. Most manufacturers attract customers for the parameters in the technical manual, often with higher full load efficiency, but less efficient at 5% to 50% load.

Taking Jin Shengyang's 15W DC-DC module power supply VRB2412LD-15WR2 as an example, the VRB2412LD-15WR2 is 10% lighter than the mainstream counterpart when it is rated at 24V input, as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2.

Through the improvement of efficiency, the temperature rise of the outer casing of the product can also be effectively reduced. The temperature rise of the VRB2412LD-15WR2 under actual load operation is 13.8 °C lower.

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