You took a shot to the world you want: this year with the Sony A7R2 remote self-timer angle of view trash than the importance of the tripod

Last night took a rear light

It feels like an exhaust gas at night

Write something to write something.

Shooting a large amount of visual sense of advertising ~ ~ May you all be able to run against me ~~

It's time to get into the subject and not gossip.

First of all, the structure of the article may be a bit jump.

So I must first declare that I am a Gemini

So first look at my two desks for retouching maps to figure out my personality

This is the first company to start a business

This is the second company to start a business

Do not misunderstand, both companies exist at the same time.

So I want to say that there are two main lines for this picture of the sun (you don't blame me for jumping)

1, the story line: I was looking for angle self portrait.

Self portrait artifact? For the prostitutes like to shoot themselves into a man with tears look like finished?

Other girls hired individuals to shoot a group of their own back-lighted portraits and make them into porcelain-like skin.

It's a bit spartan-like that Hanban Japanese school uniforms are all the same tired of these can be copied

You don’t like yourself to shoot a moody selfie and shoot yourself to a place

How are the photo studio photocopies copied?

En can blow for a while.

2. Story line: Some places went to some places in the past two years

The most proud of this is: Take a single bicycle into our house for 31 days with our family, Empress Dowager.

There was no systematic trip before 2014 but it was a pit that both domestic and international companies were going to Japan.

However, she stayed in the Shuanglang Beach for half a month and also lived in Yang Liping's 2900/night aristocrat bed and breakfast.

Change the department rmbp so the photo is still written in the old computer next time

2015 Jiangxi - Hunan - Guizhou - Yunnan - Tibet - Qinghai - Shaanxi - Hubei - Jiangxi

Then for high-speed rail back to Jiangsu trimmed a subsidiary company opened in Jiangxi

So tell you one thing: it's not important to remember that the college’s school remembers the city where the university is located.

In 2016, I went to Sri Lanka for a month

According to common sense, I took some pictures because the selfie was less

————"I am this purpose."

In fact, my life is full of money, travel photography and Robben’s meal and sleep are similar.

I just don’t like to write travel notes. After all, I’m talking about

Don't say I'm lazy. Retouching is more work than writing.

Therefore, along the sidelines, we continued to write Sri Lanka's travel notes in the next period, and write down the next 31 days in the travel notes.

Behind this year's Kansai Casablanca Sahara Kenya you wait for me this lazy cancer.

Put on the equipment first:

Sony A7RM2 + FE16-35 F4 + FE50 F1.4

Of course the most important is the following software:

Open the a7r2 app to find the remote self-timer point to turn on your iphone Wireless Select the a7r2 hotspot and then open this software on the iphone.

Start with the main line:

This is an express train at 6:15 in Seoul, Sri Lanka. There is no camera on the opposite table.

This is when the second company just renovated, I found a trash pad and put the camera down. Because there is no handle, the tripod cannot stand upright.

But is it hard to beat our photography planet humans? Trash can come...

Is it more intuitive?

This is a discussion with the decorators on the use of exterior wall painter's materials. How is this shot? Look at the picture below

Well, this is everything, and everything is a device--"The five-word rumor comes from my alma mater, Professor Wan, whom I haven't seen across the university but met after starting business."

This one is more like a late adjustment color This is a tripod shot

Didn't I watch my mobile phone?

I had nothing to buy a moto Z + Hasselblad module so excited to go outside

This is the Hasselblad module or forget it

I took two shots and I didn't want to play or play A7R2

Then again, I usually like to work overtime to the last office in the evening so I can see if the front desk of the office is still

Maybe you can see the next front desk of the Ka Wah Hotel's front-end sister who also looks at her work after work. After all, the company’s recruits are full of men.

Enping Chang overtime is rubbish, Western fast food, great satisfaction

Look at the scene, ignore the next... After all, a lot of things are not finished

Next you will see the glass heart.

So these photos were taken without any late period:

This is a Japanese-style mountain home in Mulle. There are only two rooms. The partition is a small British couple.

Well, I like to travel, enjoy, don't be ridiculous, I enjoy it.

Emphasis: You brushed the aunt's pimp post on Valentine's Day. I installed the projection in the company to see "The Ferryman."

This is what I did, so Valentine's Day, you envy it?

Taobaoshan casually bought a non-woven two corn light a led strip lamp holding a mobile phone estimated to smile shot.

Give me praise. It's a pity that people who have such a sense of lens are not suitable actors.

Where is your home guard? . .

This is a self-portrait stand in Sri Lanka's most prestigious Candelara Heritage Hotel.

This book is an English version of the Bible. The ghost knows what I am looking at. It is so serious. I know how you say one word.

This is Mirissa, one of the top twelve beaches in the world. He played double exposure in the late period and was standing on the beach with a tripod. He was almost thrown by the waves...

In fact, I will not surf and pose. I really want to learn...

At home, put the a7r2 on the folded quilt at a slight angle.

Actually, I really read books at home and I don’t know only books that I don’t understand.

Under the simple ending of the complicated preview

After all, we also crossed Merri and stood on the top of the Kunlun's man!

------ The people who divide here are very delicate ------

The next period - "31 days single bike self-driving Tibet into the green out"

The single person here refers to a person driving a car. I took our family too, Empress Dowager, and my picture was taken by our family, Empress Dowager, using a fruit machine.

------People who are divided here are more delicate ------

The next issue - "Sri Lanka by Wind and Waves"

Zoom in to see the famous Lion rock

Summarized here:

Before I was a Gemini I was dismissive. Later I discovered that I fell in love with this constellation.

and so:

I live in this city and I’m a technology house

Out of this city, I travel alone

When will I perform what I do?

It's good to make money to make money.

-----I'm so delicate~-----

Good bye next time, come to tips?

Aunt is it right?

After all, it's not fun to get a glance at a glance, and you also need an alternative clean flow.

Love life, love Aunt Zhang.

Long live travel

The headphones on the left-hand side of the headphone are still worn on the ear, and the Coke on the right side seems to have no more air.

In front of the screen, I tapped on the last line of words and looked at the way. It was timeless.

The world looks like, I used the camera to save some...

Finally guess what this head shot is...

The answer is definitely not the two shots.

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