US Department of Agriculture uses LED for corn cultivation research The US Department of Agriculture recently announced a research study to use LEDs to illuminate corn and observe its effects on growth. The annual output of corn in the United States generally accounts for about 40% of the total global production, and the export volume is more than half of the world food market for a long time.


Previously, the US Department of Agriculture completed research to improve hybrid corn yields in greenhouses using high-pressure sodium lighting. But given the many advantages of LED lighting, such as custom spectral power distribution, no thermal problems (heat generated by high-pressure sodium lighting can cause pollen to mature too fast), the US Department of Agriculture decided to launch a new round of research.

According to botanist Jake Holley, the experiment has obtained a lot of preliminary results. For example, under the illumination of blue light, the corn blooms three days earlier, while under the red light, the rhizome of the corn grows faster and at the same time. It is also more robust.

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