Liberate your hands — allowing ordinary home appliances to be summoned by Siri

Since iOS 10 was released, iphoner can use the added "Home" application to manage and control smart home devices that support the HomeKit framework, and can implement voice control through Siri. Today, there are more and more HomeKit-compatible smart devices, but it's still not rich enough. You don't have as many choices as buying ordinary home appliances, and most of the home appliances you bought at home may not be compatible with HomeKit. Siri controls and replaces the home appliance that was originally used in the home. Obviously, it is not.. value! (I want to use Aunt Zhang's LOGO here, but I don't have an expression library). Is there any possibility that ordinary home appliances can be summoned by Siri? Must be able! Or do I not want to bear the infamy of the title party?

So let's look at the effect first: (My home network is watching live TV, so the TV is a little slow to turn on, and some automation controls are not reflected in the video)

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