Smart home wiring technology Q & A

With the rise of smart homes , the seriousness of security wiring problems is becoming more and more prominent. So, how to deal with the security wiring problems of smart homes? This article answers for everyone.

Q: What is the wiring process, can you ensure that the line is "live"?

A: The “live line” is the line that can be pulled directly through the panel or the cable box. If the line is aging or there is an accident such as water seepage in the future, it can easily replace the old line into a new line without moving the wall and the ground at home, which not only relieves the worries of the hidden project of the line, but also facilitates it. Late maintenance and upgrades.

The wiring process is to confirm the wiring position - the integrated circuit design - slotting - piping - threading - sealing, so that the construction process can ensure that the line is "live".

Q: How is the quality of smart home wiring guaranteed?

Answer: All the materials used for wiring are made of domestic high-quality wire and equipment (partially imported high-quality equipment), with strict engineering specifications and construction management. Free maintenance within six years, lifetime maintenance.

Q: Our community is an intelligent community. Is it necessary to route it?

A: Intelligent community and smart home are two completely different concepts. The intelligent community introduces broadband networks, closed-circuit television, telephone, and surveillance to the home. However, the basic configuration of housing planning has not yet designed the wiring of smart homes. The smart home is a system that implements wiring according to the individual requirements of the family. In addition to the finely decorated rooms, such families need a smart home wiring system to act as a weak housekeeper.

Q: What are the advantages of smart home wiring?

A: 1) There are diversified application functions. You can build a home audio/video network, a home communication application network, and a home monitoring network to perform a wide variety of application functions.

2) It is convenient for future life. We will reserve an interface where you may need to use the device. This way, when you change the location of your device and add devices in the future, you can connect the device with a single click.

3) Save money for you. When multiple computers in the home are connected to the Internet at the same time, you can pay only one broadband network monthly fee, or you can use a DVD player or a computer to play programs so that all rooms can be viewed. Information panel, broadband network interface, universal for telephone and computer. You can save the cost of ordinary telephone lines and some panels.

4) High security and reliability. Since we design your entire home as a system, both material selection and construction planning are carried out in accordance with international regulations, so all lines are safe and reliable.

5) Simple management method. This system allows you to configure your device's connection without any special knowledge, so you can achieve the functions you need.

Q: What can smart home wiring do for me?

A: The application of smart home wiring can achieve many home applications, such as:

1) Set up a home video network. You can use a VCR (DVD/DVD/PC) to play programs to watch multiple TVs. You can transfer movies from the broadband network to your TV.

2) Set up a home audio network. You can send audio signals to each room to listen to, or you can send MP3 music on your computer or network to the audio. You can also set up a background music system in your home.

3) Set up a home computer network. It can save money by sharing a broadband line with multiple computers, and realize resource sharing and networked games among computers.

4) Establish a home control network. You can control various actions of information appliances (such as air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines, water heaters) through the network, as well as other smart devices (such as curtains, door locks, lights...).

5) Set up a monitoring network for the family. You can monitor and control your home security with your home monitoring device, and you can even see images from your home and talk to people at home in the office.

The above does not list all the application types. With the entry of broadband Internet, many scenarios that were previously only imaginable will be realized. Many manufacturers are committed to the development of a variety of home information products, coupled with the influx of foreign products after China's accession to the WTO, it can be expected that in the next three to five years, these applications will fully enter the family, the installation of broadband smart home wiring system for these The application provides an implementation platform, otherwise there will be situations where new products are not available.

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