Looking at the platform and station team of hardware rivers and lakes from BAT

Unlike the single item market for smartphones, the field of intelligent hardware covers a wide range. Therefore, after the market structure is stable, even if there are only a single-digit brand in each category, the total scale is extremely large. In such a large hardware rivers and lakes, it is easy to see the situation of gangs--this is probably due to some kind of economic law: there are people and places, there are rivers and lakes, there are disputes, there is political power, there is protection and being protection.

At present, most of the gangs in the field of intelligent hardware are bearing the name of "platform". The more members of the platform, the wider the coverage of users, and the greater the influence on peers and even across industries.

In the approximate view, the current domestic forces that are interested in becoming hardware "helpers" mainly include: the Internet giants who have subverted the traditional industries with the advantages of users; the traditional home appliances giant with innovative consciousness; and the intelligent hardware platform The trend is to preempt the emerging companies that are kings. If you try to figure it out, you can also find that these gangs or platforms are different in positioning.

Haier, who is the first to access Apple Homekit in China, although U+ Smart Life Operating System is building a home platform with software as its tool, its main purpose is to establish and consolidate its leading position in the era of intelligent Internet for its hardware products; The solution provider in the era of hardware intelligence, the wind direction standard IoT cloud platform is also based on its fan hardware.

Of course, in today's application-oriented world, hardware must be combined with software to build a complete platform. Therefore, the platform that Haier pulled up is actually running on a soft and hard system. On the other hand, Internet companies such as Baidu, JD, and Tencent have supported their dreams of hardware in the hardware and rivers with pure software.

In January 2014, Baidu and Jingdong signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly create an “innovative hardware open platform”, and then Jingdong launched the “JD+ plan”; Baidu held a smart hardware summit to promote baidu inside ecological construction. Inside the platform, Baidu is responsible for cloud services, and Jingdong is responsible for marketing promotion. The big data formed by the platform is used to assist hardware companies in formulating product strategies;

In May, Tencent announced the launch of an intelligent hardware open platform, with the Tencent account system as the core, providing comprehensive docking of cloud, cash, customer, and channel services, and then the first detailed at the China Intelligent Hardware Developers Conference held in Shenzhen. Introduced Tencent's platform product.

It should be said that the Internet enterprise layout hardware platform is more to adapt to the development trend of equipment to expand services and expand coverage, and to extend its position in the Internet era to the Internet of Things era, so focusing on soft platforms is enough for them. By borrowing Mao Hua, senior director of Tencent's MIG mobile application platform, hardware is not really their strength.

On the other hand, Haier's hardware companies are also affected by the main business, and it is natural to add hardware elements to their platforms. Of course, it can be said that there are advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that it is centered on existing hardware products, which is conducive to the formation of centripetal force and brand appeal. The disadvantage is that both the athlete and the referee can easily make the platform neutrality questioned. To a certain extent, it has set a barrier for the company's future product layout. You have received a younger brother who is doing audio today. How do you make the voice of this younger brother tomorrow?

Platform vendors should be cautious about the rules of the game, because for pure platform operators, the charging and profit model is related to the attractiveness and stickiness of hardware vendors; for platform vendors who have their own hardware business, In the construction of ecology, how to ensure the profit of its own hardware products through the operation of the platform needs to be carefully calculated.

Finally, talk about the problem of getting in or not helping. On May 6th, at the Global Mobile Internet Conference GMIC, Bai Zhenyun Chief Architect Hou Zhenyu and LeTV TV Senior Vice President Peng Gang gave a completely different answer to similar questions.

Hou Zhenyu said: "Baidu hopes to cooperate with hardware companies that are not good at making clouds or not enough to be cloud, providing them with data storage and big data processing services." Peng Gang believes that "if you don't build your own services, just sell hardware." That is equal to giving up your core values. Even if you just outsource the data, it is like a questioning voice. Those platforms that want to bundle the service objects in both hardware and software are more likely to be cautious. Attitude.

Therefore, we have seen that there are currently both hardware companies that actively embrace platform vendors, as well as developers who are not afraid of power. For the former, the big brother will get a lot of help in the development, but it is very important to choose the platform. Otherwise, it may fall to the platform to eat meat and the result of drinking soup.

For the latter, it is more savvy and cautious in terms of management and strategy, because you are faced with completely unfair competition, and you may be dragged down or even swallowed by opponents who rely on big resources. Of course, the corresponding can also achieve greater independence and autonomy, as well as 100% of the revenue.

On the whole, the current smart hardware industry is in the ascendant, and various platforms are constantly improving. APP has not yet started, and online and offline services are lacking. It is believed that in the next 1-2 years, the intelligent hardware industry will mature, and each platform will be divided from calm forces, and after relatively fierce competition, it will enter a stable period after the survival of the fittest.

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