Verticle launches hexagonal LED chip

Vertic le has announced the world's first hexagonal LED chip. The honeycomb LED chip, named after its hexagonal shape, is a vertical structure chip designed for high power LED applications. Dr. Mike (MC), CEO of Yoo, points out that the chip is designed to make more chips and more light energy than traditional quadrilateral or triangular LED structures.

Hexagonal LED chips have many advantages in terms of cost, efficiency, and beam profile. The first advantage of the HoneycombTM chip is the large number of wafers per crystal; this is due to the fact that the hexagon is the best internal seal of the circular crystal. A crystal can produce up to 15% more hexagonal chips than the same size quadrilateral or triangular chips produced. The last, but not the least, advantage of a hexagonal chip is its light output after packaging. The bundle profile produced by the HoneycombTM chip is very close to the circular section of the circular lens used in the optical design. However, the beam profile of a conventional quadrilateral or triangular chip tends to change when combined with a circular lens.

Vertical type honeycomb LED chip before separation

Vertical SEM image of the honeycomb type TM chip after separation

Compared with traditional chips, the advantages of hexagonal chips are very obvious, but the mass production of hexagonal chips is not realized. The main reason is that it is very difficult to separate chips by traditional scribing and cutting techniques. However, the chemical chip separation method invented by Verticle is faster than the conventional chip separation method. The chemical separation method invented by Verticle is a highly innovative chip segmentation method that can easily produce chips of any shape by chemically etching the boundary line. In addition, through this technology, Verticle can process many crystals at the same time, and the amount of chip separation that can be processed is more than 500 times that of conventional chip separation.

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