Audio selection tips for car audio conversion

Whether it is a car audio enthusiast, facing these metal-filled equipment will be deeply attracted by its unique magnetic. But perhaps for most people, how to buy a satisfactory audio equipment is a problem.

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Below we will introduce you to some tips in the selection of amplifiers.

Determine the same reference to compare the power of the amplifier

Power is the most important parameter in the sound system and represents the ability of the sound system to carry loads. This is also the first place we should pay attention to when purchasing. However, if each manufacturer uses different measurement benchmarks to identify product performance, it is often difficult to make an objective comparison without sufficient knowledge. The same is true for power amplifiers. Pay attention to the following three points when viewing the power amplifier's identification:

First, the battery voltage.

The voltage of the car battery is constantly changing. For the two commonly used tags: 14.4V/100W, 12V/100W, the power amplifiers are completely different power specifications. Since the voltage of the car during driving is basically around 12V, the measured power value at 12V is closer to the real situation. Moreover, the power of the identification power with a continuous voltage of 12V can achieve greater power when it reaches 12V or more.

Second, the harmonic distortion rate is THD.

When comparing the continuous output power of the power amplifier, it should be performed at the same (or closer) THD value. The difference in sound quality tested under different THD values ​​is very obvious. Sometimes the maximum power of the logo is high, but it is likely that its distortion and noise are also high. Therefore, when checking the maximum power, you should also pay attention to the THD value it identifies.

Third, the frequency range.

The continuous power output of the amplifier should be tested within the frequency range in which it is actually used. For the power of the power amplifier, it is required to identify the complete detection range. The power value does not have any meaning when only a certain frequency is identified.

After determining the same benchmark, we can compare the power of the amplifier. Generally, the principle of high power output is generally followed when purchasing an audio system. The greater the output power of the amplifier, the stronger their ability to drive the speakers. The power of the power amplifier should be greater than the indicated power of the horn. If the power used is too small, it will easily burn out when using high-power output for a long time, and it will lead to faults such as poor sound quality and distortion.

Factors that should be possessed by high-quality power amplifiers

Of course, the introduction of high-power text alone is not able to better understand the power amplifier. High-quality amplifiers must also be able to quickly reflect the peaks of music signals, while being able to respond to powerful subwoofers, and provide smooth output in low distortion/low noise conditions. To meet these requirements, you must have the following:

First of all, it is a Power Supply with excellent performance. This is the key to the sound quality of the left and right amplifiers. The power supply unit and the amplifier unit should be designed separately to reduce noise. The use of a large step-up transformer to increase the supply of stable current, as well as large capacitors, can react more quickly to supply the current required for amplification.

Second, the built-in parameter equalizer. The car audio is very different from the home audio. The installation position of the speaker is very limited, and the adjustment of the sound is very important. In addition, the sound effects of the car audio system are due to the sound turbulence caused by the sound insulation of the headrest and the window and the installation angle of the woofer. At this time, the parameter equalizer is used, which can compensate the peaks and troughs of the sound waves caused by the above reasons, and adjust the smooth sound field.

Second, the improvement of the engine control unit (ECU)

1. Optimization of engine control unit program

According to the requirements of the car in different regions, the engine power can be modified by modifying the program of the engine control unit to achieve the purpose of improving the power of the car. When the car leaves the factory, the manufacturer leaves a large room for adjustment for some parameter calibration of the engine control unit. The improved engine control unit program can maximize the potential of the engine. After the program of the engine control unit is modified, it is necessary to use a special instrument for road test detection. Conditionally, it can be tested on the eddy current dynamometer to obtain more accurate data. After the vehicle is fully calibrated, the road test is carried out.

The method of modifying the engine control unit program can usually be divided into three types: the first one is to improve the original engine control unit by changing the chip, adding the board or rewriting the program; the second is not changing the original car. The engine control unit is connected to the auxiliary device at its output to change the output signal of the original car to achieve different control effects. The third is to replace the more powerful engine control unit.

2. Variable computer control

Variable computer control means that three engine control units are installed on one vehicle, and three operating states are designed according to the engine's low speed, normal and maximum power output, and the corresponding control unit is switched according to actual needs. If these three working modes are implemented by one control unit, the difficulty of program control will be greatly increased, and when the control unit fails, the car cannot be operated, so it is considered from the perspective of safety and reliability and easy implementation. The design of the three engine control units is more reasonable.

Third, strengthen the maintenance of the car

1. Improve the level of car maintenance technology

Timely and correct maintenance will extend the service life of the car, which is an important part of ensuring the safety of driving and the dynamics of the car. The maintenance company can take the following measures during the car maintenance process to ensure the quality of the service and improve the maintenance skills of the maintenance personnel.

(1) In the maintenance of vehicles, in order to avoid missing items, maintenance companies should try to adopt the "double operation" method, and require maintenance personnel to ensure that the quality of each maintenance meets the requirements and meets the technical specifications.

(2) Regularly train maintenance technicians to discuss and solve problems in the work. At the same time, explain some new models and new technical knowledge to achieve the purpose of improving the technical level of auto maintenance personnel.

(3) For the replacement parts, use the original parts or the accessories produced by the regular manufacturers that meet the standards to ensure that the performance and life of the parts meet the requirements specified by the original factory.

(4) Instruct users to master the most basic car maintenance knowledge so that they can conduct regular inspections in accordance with relevant regulations.

2. Use high quality fuel and lubricants

(1) Choose high-quality fuel that is clean and meets quality requirements. Unclean fuel can cause poor oil flow. Fuel that does not meet quality requirements can cause carbon build-up in the engine, or even cause knocking or corrosion of the parts. Only by choosing the correct label, clean and high-quality fuel can the car's power be fully utilized.

(2) Improve the quality of lubricating oil. Lubricating oils include engine oils, gear oils and greases. The selected lubricants are to comply with API standards. The improvement of the quality of the lubricating oil further ensures that it does not deteriorate under high temperature and high pressure, prevents the formation of colloid, coke and acid substances, and also increases the thickness of the oil film, reduces the wear between moving parts, and protects the parts from corrosion. Increase engine power, reduce noise and extend the life of the machine.

3. Reasonable use of additives

(1) Gasoline additives. Adding additives to gasoline can eliminate carbon deposits, reduce fuel consumption, avoid oxidation of metal surfaces of automobile engines, prevent corrosion of oil pipelines and oil system, and clean oil passages.

(2) Diesel additives. Additives for diesel fuel, such as diesel anti-coagulants, can improve the low temperature fluidity of diesel fuel and prevent diesel from freezing at low temperatures.

(3) Oil additives. After adding the additive to the oil, it is beneficial to improve the starting performance; the service life of the engine can be prolonged, the power can be increased; the sealing between the piston and the cylinder is improved, so that the cylinder pressure is obviously increased, thereby improving the power of the engine.

(4) Gear oil additive. Gear oil additive has the following functions: reducing energy loss during mechanical transmission, reducing engine fuel consumption to a certain extent; improving oil film strength, improving the extreme pressure resistance of gear oil, avoiding gluing, abrasion, plastic deformation, fatigue and gear surface Damage such as breakage.

(5) Air conditioning system additives. Additives for air conditioning systems reduce energy consumption, reduce friction and noise, remove odors, extend compressor oil fill cycles, and service life of components in the system.

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