In 2012, the growth factor of backlight module output will encounter bottlenecks

Displaybank said that it expects the global backlight module market to reach US$16.8 billion in 2010, and the market will gradually decline after reaching the peak of US$19 billion in 2012. At this time, although the market demand continues to increase, but the market unit price declines more than demand growth, it is expected that from 2012 onwards, the overall industrial output value will decline.

Overall, the recent case of panel makers setting up a global LCM plant has gradually decreased, and the trend of relative panel makers to establish LCM JV through downstream assembly/manufacturers is very obvious. In addition, in order to utilize the current production equipment, the backlight module factory has maximized revenue and profit through excellent labor efficiency and quality control capabilities, and cases of entering the LCM OEM field are gradually increasing.

Fiber Optical termination box is the terminal joint of a fiber, for it is fiber at one end and another is pigtail.
The box which was fixed on the wall is used to provide the welding of fiber optical and fiber, the welding of fiber optical and pigtail, as well as the transition of optical connectors. It also provides mechanical and surrounding protection of the fiber and allows proper inspection which maintains a high standard management of it.
The rack-mounted fiber optical termination box is mainly used to fixed the terminal of optical fiber. spliced the optical fiber and pigtail as well as installed on the 19 inches frame which could accommodate a comparatively bigger number of fiber.

Fiber Optic Termination Box

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