TCL Group's LED-backlit TV sales in January reached 1.82 million units, a year-on-year increase of 126%

On February 6, TCL Group released the announcement of major product sales in January 2013. According to TCL, LCD TV sales (including commercial displays) reached 2.005 million units in January, up 52.54% year-on-year; smartphone sales were 592,700 units, up 321.65% year-on-year; Huaxing Optoelectronics produced 103,000 units in January.

Data show that in January 2013, TCL Group's LCD TV sales reached 2,005,400 units, an increase of 52.54%; LED backlight LCD TVs continued to maintain good growth rate, sales reached 1,820,100 units, an increase of 126.17%, accounting for the company's LCD liquid crystal The total sales volume of TV reached 88.77%.

According to TCL, the sales of high-end products of the Group continued to grow. The monthly sales of 3D and smart/network TV reached 473,700 and 939,500 respectively, up 362.96% and 274.13% respectively. The Chinese market was subsidized by the national energy-saving subsidy policy. In the pre-holiday sales, LCD TV sales in January increased by 91.98% year-on-year. In addition, Huaxing Optoelectronics continued to maintain a high level of LCD glass substrate investment in January, reaching 103,000 units, and LCD TV panel and module sales totaled 1,735,100.

In January, TCL Communications achieved sales of 3.363 million mobile phones, of which smartphone sales reached 592,700 units, an increase of 321.65% year-on-year, and smartphone sales accounted for 16.31%. TCL's four series of 12 mobile phones, JOY, STAR, PLAY and YOU, were officially launched in January.

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