Panasonic's 2013 focus on LED downstream product line factory is expected to benefit

Matsushita, Japan's largest lighting factory, is pushing high-quality LED lighting this year, focusing on the downstream product line layout of LEDs. Taiwan's Guangbao, Longda, Jingdian, etc. are expected to benefit, and this year also began to introduce OLED lighting.

Panasonic's LED lighting business international minister Sato Saijo said that the current global lighting market scale exceeds 6 trillion yen (about NT$1.9 trillion), LED lighting will penetrate rapidly, and in 2015, LED lighting will grow four times; Japanese LED lighting The penetration rate is the highest in the world, currently reaching 40%.

It is understood that in the Japanese lighting manufacturers, Panasonic is heavily placed in the LED downstream product line, and it is estimated that this year's market share in Japan will reach 37.5%. Considering that Japanese LED lighting will be saturated in the next few years, Panasonic will develop overseas, focusing on China and Europe. At present, Taiwan's Guangbao Branch, Longda and other large factories are all OEMs, while Lite-On's chip source is crystalline.

In the Japan Lighting Fair, a few manufacturers exhibited OLEDs, and Panasonic's Panasonic OLED Lighting Co., Ltd. is one of them. The director and business enterprise minister, Kurosawa Kiyoshi, said that Panasonic Group is optimistic about the application of OLEDs in surface light sources. The club was established in April 2010 and started mass production this year.

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