MIT: Developed an intelligent LED lighting system that automatically adjusts

It is reported that researchers from the MIT Responsive Environments Group are developing an intelligent LED lighting system that automatically and continuously adjusts the brightness of the room based on the user's lighting environment.

Researchers select LED lighting lamps that are easier to control than conventional fluorescent lamps to form a control system. Users can monitor the actual lighting environment of the work area according to the built-in sensors of the system, and adjust the light density and color balance through a small controller of a business card size to achieve the brightness of their favorite environment.

In addition, the controller can calculate ambient light that is infiltrated from outside the window or adjacent to the work area. When the sunlight from the window is sufficient to meet the user's light requirements, the light above the work area will be dimmed or turned off directly; when the sunlight outside the window is blocked by the clouds, the light will be activated immediately.

The results show that this LED intelligent lighting control system can save 65%-90% of electricity (highest energy efficiency) compared to incandescent or fluorescent lamps.

Based on the survey released by the US Department of Energy in 2009, 22% of the US electricity is used in lighting systems. This energy-saving control system has great development prospects, and it can be applied in the fields of incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps in the future.

However, at present, the system still has certain defects: when the lighting control system moves, the sensors in the controller need to be recalibrated, and it is easy to produce a relatively scattered and light and dark light effect. Researcher Aldrich is designing an intelligent system based on infrared LED lights and built-in infrared sensor controllers to solve this problem.

In addition, the research team is also measuring the reflected light in the illuminated area, looking for ways to control the light using gestures. The dream of not switching the lights in the future will become a reality.

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