Master 3 strokes to identify car audio

Many car owners like to drive with music, in order to eliminate the tedium of the journey. If you have a good sound system and provide smooth and beautiful music, it will give you a comfortable and leisurely mood.
What kind of car audio is considered "good"? Simply put, the high school low frequency of the sound has a clear layering. After the volume is turned on, there will be no distortion and the sound will be turned down. There will be no loose feeling. Secondly, the high, medium and low trines will not have any frequency that is particularly strong or particularly weak.
So how do we buy such a sound in real life? First of all, try to use the sound that is amplified by the power of the speaker. Because the power amplifier is small, it is easy to burn out when using high-power output for a long time, and it may cause malfunctions such as poor sound quality and distortion. Then listen to the sound quality and tone effects. When auditioning, it is best to find a few representative songs, music, percussion and other discs to identify the authenticity of various sound effects, and then determine whether to buy. Finally, you may want to look at the brand, of course, the price of the brand is high. From the quality point of view, the sound quality and tone of European and American products are more professional than Japanese products.
However, some well-known car audio brands in Japan have also launched some fever brands to compete with European and American products, and from the aspects of completeness of functions and appearance, decoration and craftsmanship, European and American products cannot compete with them.

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