How much is the main cost of joining a smart home?

With the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” proposing a support policy for smart homes, smart homes have gradually been favored by many companies, and they have chosen to invest funds to develop. Many people in the industry also have a very high appraisal of market development. More and more companies and individuals have joined the army of smart homes.

For smart home entrepreneurs, choose a reliable manufacturer, and choose a good product is the first step. One of the more important factors is the joining fee of each manufacturer, which is directly related to the decisive factor of whether the entrepreneurs join.

How much does it cost to join a smart home? What are the main costs?

How much money to join the smart home? In general, smart home joining fee mainly includes the following parts:

1, the use of the brand's fees: that is to say, some well-known companies will invest a lot of manpower and material resources to create a unique brand. With the different influence of the brand, the initial fee for the product will be different. Generally speaking, it is directly proportional to the high franchise fee. Compared with the products, the sales performance will be better and the market competitiveness will be stronger.

2, property rights service fees: Many companies' products are applied for national patents, so joining may also require some royalties. With the usual product sales skills training, product service instructions, post-operational training and other related services, it is more conducive to the franchisee's development and profit protection.

3, purchase fee: the initial joining, you need to advanced a number of products, some companies in order to consider the ability of franchisees, in the beginning to choose to join, in the first batch of purchase, will give certain price concessions and discounts, these costs will be counted To the initial fee. Of course, not every smart home company is such a model. It requires everyone to understand in advance.

How much money to join the smart home? As long as you look up on the Chica online, it is not difficult to find that many smart home companies have very favorable franchise policies. Here, we suggest that you must understand the franchise brands and franchise products in advance. If there are conditions, it is best to go to the factory to do field inspections, after making comprehensive considerations, and then make a decision.

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