ATM jets banknotes, Bluetooth light bulbs to spread viruses, the world's top hacker conference BlackHat miracle crack first look

What is the experience of the world's top hackers boiling in the same auditorium? Speaking, BlackHat USA 2016 (Black Hat Conference) is in sight.

In the gloomy western films, black hats are mostly villains.

In cyberspace, black hat hackers are also the names of cybercriminals.

However, don't assume that BlackHat USA is a "communicative experience exchange" for cybercriminals worldwide. The Black Hat Conference is actually the largest gathering of white hat hackers in the world. (The reason for calling Black Hat is this: It sounds cool...)

BlackHat VS WhiteHat (Sure black hat is more handsome)

In the eyes of hackers all over the world, BlackHat is a holy grail so much that people like to kiss (B) to call it BH. Standing on the BH's rostrum to share is the honour of many hackers. What? You don't know BlackHat yet, and make up your class quietly.

BlackHat 2014 data map


In 1993, Jeff Moss, an 18-year-old genius hacker, created the hacking party DefCon to send his classmates. Four years later, in 1997, he founded BlackHat again. So far, the two conferences have still started together.

For two decades, BlackHat has gradually become a recognized hall-level meeting for hackers all over the world. Although BlackHat currently has conference venues in several cities around the world, it is still BlackHat USA, which is held in Las Vegas in the “Sin City” every year. There is one figure that can prove the value of this conference: In 2005 Jeff Moss sold Black Hat to CMP Media and madly earned $13.9 million.

Each year, top hackers in the world choose to announce their latest research results at this conference.

Small enough to crack the hotel's Wi-Fi and TV billing system, using the public charging station to crack the iPhone;

Big enough to control the smart car, let the ATM machine spray money, control a smart rifle;

It is even possible to take over the production facilities of a chemical plant or to disrupt the satellite positioning system.

Local time BlackHat hacker training camp on August 2, 2016

What posture does BlackHat look for?

BlackHat is roughly divided into two parts. Hacker training camp and hacking keynote.

Hacking Camp: This session is generally started the day before the speech. Special sponsors (mostly security companies) conduct special training for children who are interested in becoming hackers. Of course, this link also ensures that subsequent hacking keynote sessions will not be interfered by sponsors, thus maintaining a valuable neutrality.

Hacking keynote: The highlight of BlackHat. Several clubs were full of firepower. Hackers shared their latest achievements that they had accumulated for a year.

Safe technology trends, the latest crack tools will be displayed in the keynote speech. For children's shoes that do not have a chance to visit the gambling training center for the time being, paying attention to keynote speeches is a good way to understand the cutting-edge techniques of hackers.

BlackHat USA 2016

On the local time of the United States on August 3 and 4, 2016 (Beijing time on August 4th - 5th), BlackHat USA's speech Show will be staged. Lei Feng network editors also rushed to the scene to bring out the latest material.

BlackHat 2016 Pink Media Board

What are the highlights of this year's BlackHat?

Enumerate several numbers,

This BlackHat will receive more than 11,000 spectators, and the number has created the history of BH.

175 top hackers as speakers delivered 120 keynote speeches, creating the same 19-year history.

What are the specific topics of bombing heaven? We can work together to make it easier.

Destroyed Three Views: The Truth About the Internet

As the guest speaker of the BlackHat, Dan Kaminsky is worthy of his name. This "Oldsky" once occupied the headlines of major technology media in 2008 because he discovered the flaws in the design of the Internet's Domain Name System (DNS). This flaw has caused the collapse of the Internet security system that people have built for decades, and Kaminsky’s discovery can simply allow the Internet to smash massively. This loophole is also named “Kaminsky's loophole.” So far, he is still one of the “seven gods” on the planet who have reset the World Internet DNS.

This year, this hacker who has a deconstructed view of God from the Internet is back. It seems that he has once again found a major breakthrough in subverting the Internet's underlying perceptions. The topic of his speech is: "The secret structure of time: Why our Internet works, how we lose it, and what hackers should do."

Truthfully speaking, I want to provide a new way to understand the “Internet” so that when it serves people, it will not hurt innocence.

He said.

Sounds awkward, worth the wait.

Dan Kaminsky

HTTPS encryption, huh

HTTPS is considered to be a network encryption method for cattle X. After this encryption, the exchange data between the server and the client will be private. However, security researchers from SafeBreach will demonstrate a way to force browsers to use specific proxy settings. In this case, even the encrypted protocol, the data may be leaked.

Imagine every love letter you write for your girlfriend. The world is so amazed.

Of all the loopholes in the world, the biggest one is people.

As stated in the title, a completely safe system cannot protect pig-like humans.

In order to study social worker attacks, Elie Bursztein, a hacker from Google, threw 300 U-disks with malicious programs around a university. The results were somewhat unexpected. 98% of U-disks were taken away and 48% of U-disks were taken away. Plug in the new owner's computer. Even many people will actively click on the files. In the speech, they will share the research findings found in these 300 USB flash drives.

The theme of the social worker and the results of a group of hackers have opened the door. Judith Tabron from Hofstra University in the United States will introduce a new technology. The content and themes of the people talking to each other across the phone will automatically Determine if the other person is a liar. As a result, we can promptly remind the victim of the phone's head-shy situation.

Money hit by an ATM

With 2,000 yuan invested, it takes only 15 minutes to recover 20000-50000 pieces. Want to do this, in addition to dreaming and joining the MLM organization, only attack the ATM machine. In fact, as early as 2015, there were people exhibiting attacks on ATM machines on BlackHat. However, after that, banks generally upgraded their ATMs. However, hackers Weston Hecker are still very dissatisfied with the security of the bank's new generation of ATMs, and he has conducted a new round of crack research. With NFC cracking, he can remotely remotely control an ATM machine 400 miles away.

Also related to money, hackers Salvador Mendoza turned his gaze to Samsung Pay. Since Samsung Pay supports dynamic token verification, there is no guarantee that every payment must be made on the same device. Therefore, hackers can use a special attack method to allow the attacked mobile phone to be in flight mode, so that the Samsung server is in a "lost-connection" state with the mobile phone. During this time, hackers can steal this payment certificate.

Car hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Wallacek

Lightbulb transmission, car deviation, wayward smart hardware

Have you ever thought that your smart Bluetooth light bulb secretly spreads viruses on your head? Hackers Colin O'Flynn have such super powers. By decrypting the BootLoader of the Bluetooth device, he can obtain full permission of the light bulb chip, so that any sensitive information can be decrypted.

The legendary hackers Charles and Miller, who had blacklisted Jeep and caused Chrysler’s recall of 1.4 million cars, will return to BlackHat again. From the speech topic, this time they should not be able to drive into the ditch anymore. Some studies have more in-depth results based on.

Children's shoes that are familiar with car hackers know that Chris and Miller have only achieved certain conditions, such as low-speed driving, for the control of the car's brakes and steering wheel, but they can't control the normal driving car. This time they will attack the CAN bus of the car in a new way. According to the briefing, they will control the brakes and the steering wheel in the case of automatic driving. There is no doubt that this will cause greater risk to the passengers in the car.

Of course, this BlackHat also gathered many Chinese hackers. White hats from Wuyun (you know), Baidu, Alibaba, 360, and Tsinghua Information Technology National Laboratory will also give top-notch speeches. (Lei Feng Wang "Public attention" will continue to follow up the report.

Let's wait and see for the black hats of the white hats.

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