Meters to see U1 installation tutorial exchange

Meter U1 is installed on the computer through the computer butler, meters can see other models of the box can also refer to this tutorial.

Installation process 1 box and computer with the same router connection → 2 open the box ADB → 3 download sofa TV Wizard → 4 sofa TV Elf dialog box enter TV IP → 5 to complete the installation

1. Open the ADB Remote Debugging of the Box: System Settings - More

2. Find developer options and tick USB debugging options

3. On the computer: Click to download the sofa TV wizard

Note: Windows XP system must first install net.3.5, NET.3.5 download address: Download Now

Unzip the downloaded TV sofa elf on your computer and open the unzipped file "Sofa TV Elf"

When you double-click on the sofa to run the TV wizard, if there is a risk on the computer with anti-virus software, please exit or allow installation.

Win8 system running sofa TV wizard will pop up confirmation

Click on "Need to run"


4. At this time, enter the IP address of the box in the popup screen

Wait a moment

1. If the computer shows that installing the sofa butler has been successful, but the box is not found, then you have to break the box's network in the connection network, then enter the IP on the sofa elf. About 3-4 times will be able to install up (because of different equipment, transmission signal strength is divided)
2. If the installation fails, check whether the network used by the box and the computer is the same network. If not, change to the same network before proceeding.

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