Galaxy Note 7 four-color real machine map tour

At 23:00 on August 2, Samsung Electronics released the Galaxy Note 7, the sixth generation of its Galaxy Note series of smart phones. Configuration, Galaxy Note 7 basically continued the Galaxy S7 edge of that set, little change, in terms of design than the previous generation Galaxy Note 5, it is more like a pen with a Galaxy S7 edge, the Galaxy Note 7 currently announces 4 color combinations (without excluding the possibility of subsequent color matching). They are blue, silver, gold, and black.

Galaxy Note 7 blue

Like the S7 edge, the Galaxy Note 7 is a double-sided curved screen. The difference is that it uses 3D glass with the same curvature before and after, and the front and rear glass panels of the fuselage are symmetrical structures. The camera is consistent with the S7. The Galaxy Note 7 uses a blue color that is different from the previous Note series, but it is darker, but it is not too rich. It is worth noting that the border of the blue Galaxy Note 7 is golden.

Galaxy Note 7 Silver

The silver Galaxy Note 7 is flat compared to the blue, this silver is very similar to the Galaxy Note 5.

Galaxy Note 7 Gold

Galaxy Note 7 black

Unlike the Galaxy S7 edge, the black version of the Galaxy Note 7 also features a black spray-painted metal frame. The Galaxy S7 edge black is an ordinary gray frame. Due to the deep black color of the frame, the black version of the Galaxy Note 7 is a bit like the Galaxy S7. Edge Batman Edition (black border).

Image credit: Android Authority, The Verge

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