Beijing Suning began to remove high-energy flat-panel TVs on January 1, 2011

With the new energy efficiency indicator officially implemented since yesterday (1), China's Beijing Suning Appliance announced that it will implement flat-panel TV performance requirements in advance. Since January 1 next year, it will completely remove high-energy-consumption flat-panel TVs. Analysis, this will help AUO (2409) and Chi Mei (3481) to upgrade the supply of mainland color power plants.

Suning explained that before January 1, 2011, if the flat-panel TV provided by the company did not include the energy consumption test report, Beijing Suning would remove it. At present, the LED-backlit LCD TVs on the market can meet the newly implemented energy consumption standards, while the LCD TVs of the cold cathode tubes (CCFLs) will have a small portion that is not up to standard. At present, CCFL LCD TVs account for about 40% of Suning's overall TV sales. %, this part of the product will not appear in the Beijing Suning store.

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