The football Alpha dog is coming! Robots participate in the election of Belgium

After the European Cup stopped the quarterfinals, Belgian coach Wilmots left, the Belgian Football Association also launched the selection plan, and published the selection criteria on the Internet. Sports + has previously reported that many alternatives including Lippi have surfaced, but now it seems that Wilmots has killed again! It's just this Wilmots, who is an artificial intelligence program designed by a Belgian company.

In preparation for the qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, which is about to arrive this fall, the Belgian Football Association must seize the time to choose the coach. Fangar and Lippi have been sent out to be the team coach, but only rumors. But now it seems that this new coach must have a very strong ability, extremely rich experience, otherwise he may not be able to beat his competitors, designed by a Belgian company called "in the pocket" An application called Wilmots. It is reported that this company has already submitted this idea to the Belgian Football Association, and replaced the real person with a robot to become the coach? In the future, it is entirely possible.

The company is a Belgian company responsible for mobile phone and mobile phone application development, and in their letter to the Belgian Football Association, it is said, "The candidate we submitted is also obsessed with football. He is the only one. Not a flesh and blood, he is a robot, but he has a unique advantage, he can work 24 hours a day, can work 7 days a week, all his decisions are based on the study of data, taking into account the players Choose the style of play and the characteristics of the opponent."

According to the relevant person in charge of the company, "Mark Wilmots" is a software application still in the research and development stage, but all his everything is based on various types of data, theoretically let him Making choices is reasonable and evidence-based. Of course, at this stage, it is not realistic to make such a robot a coach, but in the future, after the software is continuously tested, he can become a professional analyst. While arranging the skills and tactics of the team, he also analyzes the skills of the opponent. Tactics.

Another very important feature of this software is that there is no gap between the media and the media. As a professional analysis software, he can answer any questions from reporters, which also makes the communication between the media and the coach become smooth. The head of the company "in the pocket" said, "Traditional coaches use their own experience to improve the overall strength of the team, and our robots enhance the team's ability from all angles. He will not have any Prejudice and non-objective choices, everything is based on real-time updated match results and match data."

The chief engineer responsible for the project, Lemaire, said, "We hope that this application can be fully tested and launched before the 2018 World Cup in Russia." It is reported that the Belgian Football Association did not reject this idea, they said it will apply to this application. Continue to study, but at the same time they also said that the team is currently using a similar application.

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