Simple comparison - two generations of SHUASHUA brushing bracelet

Not long ago, two things happened.

the first:

At home in the evening, I found out that my coarse grain bracelet fell out and I lost one the next day. When I saw the bracelet empty, my heart was empty...

But people always look forward ... At that time, there are only two kinds of understanding of the opponent's ring. The first is that the price is right but it is finished! all! buy! Do not! To! For example, a grain.

The other is that you can't afford to buy but you can't afford it.


One day by chance, she received a brush bracelet 1 that can be swiped. I am not satisfied with the desire to start brushing the bracelet.

After that, we first brush out the box 2 and then compare the brush 1 . Brush article 1 has been here a lot, not much to describe.

The official website has various e-commerce purchase portals

See picture speak

Out of the box

It is a small box

There are instructions for the accessories, a picture of how the bracelet is pressed, a charger, a bracelet attached to the bracelet, and pendant accessories. A band similar to the Coarse Grain bracelet was sent by the first generation bracelet and the second generation would not be sent.

How to teach people how to wear a hand ring, I think it can be hung on the ear, but also with other people, good

Built-in lithium battery, the same charger and USB port. Charging speed... Less than half an hour filled 3 squares, and the last square alone was not filled for half an hour. Can't wait, pull out, hold for 5 days. PS: Did you see me with a generation?

Generation does not need to charge, use button battery.

Contrast and then introduce the second generation

Compared with the first-generation strap buckle, the first generation (right) has only one nail behind the buckle, and the second generation (left) has two fixing nails. So there are three in three generations? Inductive deduction method is not I bully ~ ha ha ha ~~~

Because it can be used as a traffic card and there is a traffic card number on the back, I don't know if it's all used to code it all. (The second is on the left)

Note that there is a small switch on the strap that is used to disassemble the strap. The first time you saw this design, it was a little emotional.

Two brothers take a photo together~

The first generation (right) wants to see the time needed to knock, bad luck fingers can not see it, when loading X often overturned. The time is expressed by several bright spots, and it is necessary to wait one by one (the bright spots on the picture can be seen to represent time).

The second generation hand ring finger touches the screen to see the time, touch a few more, can see the date (day of the week), the number of steps, the balance of the traffic card.

Second-generation calls not only have vibrations but also show the other's name. It is customary to mute the phone and use the bracelet to determine whether or not to remove the phone.

The comparison table for generations 1 and 2:

Note: The price has recently been slightly adjusted.

to sum up:

If you don't need heart rate, consider it.

In addition, I cured the stubborn illness of my lost traffic card.

In addition:

1, bracelet recharge is through APP, direct connection to mobile phones, online payment. No need, no place to recharge traffic cards.

2. The APP of the mobile phone can synchronize WeChat movement.

3, the basic version is the simplest appearance, there are more beautiful appearance, of course, more expensive.

4. The traffic cards in different cities are different. You must pay attention when you buy them. Especially on the second-hand trading platform!

5. The gates of the subway station are different. Signals are different. Some subway stations I have brushed on, some have to step back and forth, and look behind me.

Fly in the ointment (propose a suggestion):

1, hope to introduce the design of anti-lost device, such as the mobile phone out of the hand ring vibration; crazy knock bracelet, cell phone alarm, so that you do not need to call someone to call my cell phone.

2. When the card is swiped, the surface of the watch will come into contact with the credit card machine, resulting in wear. After a period of time, there will be slight scratches. Hope that the bracelet company can have a tougher material, or simply sell the film 23333.

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