Wearable device drives wireless technology convergence

< p> Although most of today's wearable devices are concentrated on smart watches, smart bracelets, immersive glasses, etc., their exploration space has changed a lot. From the elderly to the baby, from head to toe, from the outside to the body, the exploration of wearable devices extends to almost every part of the human body.

Wearable device drives wireless technology convergence

In the near future, the physical screen will disappear, replaced by a virtual screen displayed in any space, either in space, or on the wrist, or of course through the vision of the glasses. When this technology enters commercial applications, it is inevitable to replace the current smartphone, but there is still a key element, data transmission technology.

We use the sensor technology of wearable devices to digitize any part of the body, including dynamic and static vital signs, behavioral habits, and lifestyle. If the data is transmitted to the big data processing center in the cloud in real time and effectively, and the data analysis processing results can be feedback to the user in real time, and the user is provided with scientific guidance, which means that the data transmission is wearable. A very critical value point for equipment.

As a smart key for connecting people and things, wearable devices have apparently extended from single data monitoring for people to monitoring and connecting objects. In the field of smart homes, some manufacturers have tried to connect and control smart door locks, home lighting, smart home appliances and other systems based on wearable devices. In the field of smart cars, manufacturers have tried to replace car keys with wearable watches and achieve More intelligent control of automobiles; in the field of financial payment, manufacturers have already paid for the subway, public transportation, etc. based on the integration of wearable devices into NFC technology. Although the current relatively small operation of the physical screen of the wearable device brings an imperfect experience to the user, with the application of the voice interaction technology and the development of the virtual reality technology, this problem will be quickly solved.

When display and connectivity are not a problem, real-time connectivity issues are at hand. How to realize interconnection and interoperability between devices, how to realize interconnection and interoperability between people and devices, how to realize interconnection and intercommunication between data, and how to realize interconnection and interconnection between devices and the entire Internet of Things. These issues have clearly reached the point where they need to be considered.

Although today's smart devices are increasingly using wireless technology or mobile Internet access networks, there are many types of wireless communication technologies. For example, in smart watches, smart bracelets, and smart glasses, technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, or mobile cellular are commonly used; wireless technologies in smart homes typically use technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, and infrared transmission. But in the era of wearable devices of the Internet of Everything, the problem is not between objects, or whether there is networking between people, but whether there is an effective connection between them.

In recent years, with the rise of the wearable device industry, wireless transmission technology has received attention and has also been developed more rapidly. With the rise of WiFi and NFC wireless transmission technologies, the Bluetooth technology of the mobile phone era has been continuously compared and discussed between the two. Of course, mobile cellular technology is also participating in the competition. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, it is difficult to give up one of these technologies because they have their own strengths and are short-lived.

For example, the field of smart watches based on communication or smart glasses based on wireless network transmission requires the current mobile 4G technology. In the medical field, Bluetooth is more popular, especially under the Bluetooth 4.0 low-power technology, with a single button battery, you can maintain a year of work, or even longer. This is difficult to meet the WiFi technology. Currently, the WiFi technology generally consumes a large amount of power and power. On the one hand, it consumes more power, and on the other hand, it is easy to cause interference to some medical devices. Therefore, it is relatively less used in the mobile medical field.

This shows us that with the intelligence of wearable devices and the development of the Internet of Things, wireless transmission technology has become a core connection technology. Although the current wireless transmission technology is diversified and has its own strengths, this is only a development stage at present.

In my opinion, the future wireless transmission technology will generally have two development directions: First, based on one of the wireless transmission technologies to break through, combine the advantages of a variety of wireless communication technologies, improve the shortcomings, and thus become the mainstream wireless transmission. Technology; Second, there will be multiple wireless transmission technologies on the future wearable devices or smart devices. The device will automatically identify and select the optimal wireless transmission scheme according to the environment.

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