Taiwan-funded enterprises Jingdian vigorously "landed" to build a international-level LED factory

Taiwan’s well-known electronics company, Jingyuan Optoelectronics’s “landing” plan was approved by the company’s board of directors on the 4th. Jingdian will invest 70 million US dollars with China Electronic Information Industry Group to establish a joint venture in Xiamen, which is the largest investment case of Jingdian in mainland China in recent years.

According to media reports on the island, after the cross-licensing of Japan's Toyota Synthetic Co., Ltd. to solve the patent shackles, Jingdian will start cooperation with key enterprises in the mainland, and will push the crystal electric power into an international-level LED factory.

Jingdian's joint venture plant in the mainland will mainly develop, produce and sell LED epitaxial chips, die, LED light source modules and lighting products, and will supply LED crystals required by China Electronics' panel manufacturers, TV factories, lighting factories, etc. grain.

It is understood that the ratio of Jingdian and China Electronics is tentatively set at 40% to 45% for crystal power, 40% to 45% for China Electronics, and 10% may be obtained by Yiguangjing Company of Yiguang, Jingdian and Guanjie.

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