MIT Announces Top Ten Breakthrough Technologies in 2016

Since 2001, the MIT Science and Technology Review has published “Top Ten Breakthrough Technologies” every year and is expected to have a major impact on human life and society. These technologies represent the development frontier and future development direction of the world's science and technology, reflecting the new characteristics and new trends of world science and technology development in recent years.

As Jason Pontin, editor-in-chief of MIT Technology Review, said, the definition of breakthrough technology is very simple, that is, it can bring people high-quality technology solutions. This list was released simultaneously in China and the United States for the first time this year.

In today's emerging technologies, which are likely to solve major problems and open up new opportunities? Here are the top ten technologies we selected for 2016. In the past year, these ten technologies have reached a milestone stage or are about to reach such a stage.

1. Immune engineering

Breakthrough technology: Killer T cells can be used to destroy cancer.

Important: Cancer, multiple sclerosis and HIV can be treated through immune system engineering.

Principal Investigator: Cycladic, Juno Treatment, Novartis

Genetically engineered immune cells are saving the lives of cancer patients. T cells in the human body (the so-called killer cells in the immune system) can recognize and kill invaders, while engineered T cells made by genetic technology can recognize and attack specific virus cells, and have a memory function. Permanent blocking of the virus achieves the so-called "functional cure." This technology is not limited to cancer or leukemia, and treatment of diseases through immune system engineering will be a major direction of future medicine.

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