How to choose a wide range of home appliances? Here are five must-have tricks

Dear friends, how did you get through this National Day holiday? Is going out to see people, or staying at home to hide leisurely, the author's holiday is different from everyone, just seven days, non-stop travel in various cities, not what you want to "travel, buy, buy," but participate One after another wedding, of course, there are indispensable money for "heartbreaking"!

How do you choose? Home appliances to buy five must learn coup

Gold, nine silver and ten are always in the wedding season. At this time, the weather is getting colder and the temperature is suitable. Secondly, the National Day and the wedding leave can spell a long holiday, and the wedding honeymoon can be solved once. In September and October, in addition to the good season for marriage, it is also the peak season for decoration and purchase of home appliances. Some e-commerce and offline stores will choose to organize some large-scale promotional activities at this time, and take advantage of the wedding season to drive sales throughout the year!

How do you choose? Home appliances to buy five must learn coup

Who should choose e-commerce and store operators?

Nowadays, young people after 80s and 90s have gradually become consumers. The current channels for purchasing home appliances are also more. In general, there are advantages and disadvantages. E-commerce channels are certainly price-oriented, but similar to transportation, installation, after-sales, etc. The offline channel is still a little lacking, while the offline store said that after the sale, maintenance does not have to worry, but the old problem of "old products, new price" still makes many consumers discouraged!

How do you choose? Home appliances to buy five must learn coup

There are many problems with purchasing home appliances.

And not only the question of buying channels, what kind of home appliances to buy? How to choose the right appliance for you? Is this configuration enough? . . . This series of problems is actually a gap in the user's purchase of home appliances! Below, the author summed up the five major home appliances to buy must-have tricks, I hope to be able to help everyone in the purchase of home appliances!

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